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Refining with sand, outstanding! NAR and partners join in the desert

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-10-16      Origin: Site

On October 15, 2020, in order to strengthen cooperation, and give back to partners, NAR, with the theme of "refining with sand, being outstanding", went to Tengger, Inner Mongolia, to carry out desert hiking activities with partners.

Representatives of 34 partners were invited to participate in the event. They are partners of NAR and friends with many years of friendship. They also made outstanding achievements in the promotion of key products in September this year. 

NAR prepared rich activities and delicious food for partners. There are joyous and exciting desert motorcycles, sand skiing, and SUV surfing, as well as romantic desert riding. It seems that you have returned to the ancient Silk Road.

When you come to the desert, stand on the sand dunes, watch the sunrise and sunset, and walk slowly in the tranquil Swan Lake. You will have the  feeling that your soul is cleaned by the forces and beauties form the nature .

In the boundless desert, there are oases, Elaeagnus angustifolia trees, there is also a quiet Swan Lake, filled with laughers and dancing.


Only those who really walk through the desert hand in hand know how exciting it is to travel with a group of like-minded partners. Thank you from all over the country, thanks to your long-term support, could we have today’s achievement which belongs to ourselves.

 Team Desert Star, Guo Yalin 

Believe in the team, believe in NAR, we work together, will create better results!

 Team Wolf ,Dingminwei 

The future journey is unknown, but with the team together, will certainly overcome the difficulties, ride the wind and waves!

 Team WarWolf  Zhang Shuiming 

Step by step, we should be brave and steady, and we will succeed together!

 Dabang, Shanghai , Qin Jun

Our achievements are not obtained alone, but the strength of the team. With the team, we will certainly go further!

- END -

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