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Completion is approaching! Nantong NAR fine coating workshop phase II

Nantong NAR fine coating workshop phase II was officially put into construction in December 2021. The preliminary acceptance has been completed and the production commissioning will be officially carried out on June 15. Phase II premium workshop includes several boutique production workshops includi

2022 06-20
Sending warmth before the Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming. In order to thank the employees who worked wholeheartedly during the epidemic prevention and production period. NAR organized the activity of "Dragon Boat Festival healthy, sending warmth", prepared delicious rice dumplings and freshly picked melons and fruits, an

2022 06-09
Every drop of sweat is worth recording

Record on the war and epidemic group of Nantong factory

2022 05-25
They, guard the city -- volunteers

This spring, the epidemic once again made city quiet. The epidemic affected people's hearts. At the time of the most severe and complex epidemic, many NAR people actively joined the volunteer team, guarded the city together with the epidemic prevention personnel with their contribution, they dedicat

2022 05-25

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