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About NAR

As a domestic leading precision coating material supplier, Shanghai Nar Industrial Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 002825) was established at the end of 2002. With scientific governance structure, efficient supply chain management, constant innovation, for more than 90 Customers in countries and regions provide quality and stable products and high-quality and reliable services.

In recent years, the company continues to expand its expansion in new materials in digital printing, automotive functional films, multi-layer optical electronic functional films, fuel cell membrane electrodes, and enters inkjet ink, adhesives and other fine chemical industry, Development of multi-track. After 19 years, Nardo has grown into an industry high-tech leading enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales.

Future Nar Shares will be innovative and explored in the field of precision coating technology and fine chemical fields in the field of sights, with its strong strength and capital, develop more natural and human happiness living space. product. Fine-moving and detachably creates Nar Shares into a century-old store for the company, providing more environmentally friendly, convenient, beautiful products and services to customers in the world, create comfort, safe and beautiful living environment for society.

Outdoor advertising field
The scope of the scope includes flow media advertising, glass curtain wall advertisement, commercial boarding, identification sign, etc. Brand, meet the market demand of high school and economical products.
Decoration and functional materialsfield
Cover the market, optical function films, home beauty, fuel cell membrane electrodes, etc. , \"Nar Hydrogen Electric \", \"BIO-TEX \" and other brand new material business groups.
Company Culture

Enterprise vision

Integrity, respect, innovation, win-win


To be a nimble century enterprise with genuine product and win-win partnership


Empowered with technology innovation, create better living space

Strategic objectives

Become an industry leadership brand

Development concept

Haina Baichuan, Zall

Operation aim

Heart service, letter

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