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Open the global vision, Thailand Nar officially put into production!

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In the second half of 2019, Nar Share officially took the pace of international layout, decided to invest in Thailand to establish overseas factory. The new crown epidemic from the beginning suddenly broke out, and the progress of the completion of the project was continuously affected. In the face of difficulties, the Nares did not retreat, special dispatch managers to local, overcome heavy obstacles, and promoted the construction of Thai factory.

With tenacity and selfless dedication, the Naren completed all factory construction links from project landing, equipment selection, installation and commissioning, supply chain guarantee and employee recruitment training. Finally, in late August 2021, the Thai factory that condensed Narsen's hard work produced the first batch of qualified products, marking the new stage of Thailand Narma into the production and operation.

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Thailand Nar Factory is located in Thailand, Luo Yongfu Thai Rhinong Industrial Park. The factory is 4,600 square meters. It is only 27 kilometers from Lin Che Kong, which is one of Thailand's largest port. It has superior geographical location, while using efficient management model and Thailand. Thai Narr will provide product services to surrounding countries and regions quickly and efficiently.

The factory area is now equipped with advanced production lines, RTO, luminous machines, coated silicon machines, adhesive machines, slitting machines, etc. have been commissioned, and complete digital inkjet material production capacity. With five Chinese Chinese engineers, and more than 20 local employees, the Thai plant's Thai factory's current planning capacity can reach 50 million, full of annual annual output value of more than 4 million US dollars.

With the signing of RCEP protocols in November 2020, the status of the Asia-Pacific region in the global economic development is more important. In order to establish a more comprehensive, more modern and higher quality enterprises, the international development strategy is to build Nar Shares to become a global Excellent precision coating material supplier's important steps!

The Thai Nar Factory after the commissioning will provide competitive coating materials with new appearances to Southeast Asia and other countries and regions to meet the needs of customers in the surrounding area. At the same time, Nar Shares will also further introduce advanced equipment and excellent personnel to optimize Thailand's Nar operate, bring higher quality products and services!

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