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\"Competition \" shows the wind! Nar Share 2021 Special Equipment Skills

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-20      Origin: Site

In order to combine the requirements of the company to build industry benchmarks, enhance the quality of logistics services, encourage special equipment operators to enhance personal skills, enhance each department, and exchange between posts. The Logistics Department held the 2021 special equipment in the 1920s in the afternoon of April 15th.


After the relevant information of the competition competition, he got a positive response of everyone and registered. Among them, there are two years of operational experience, and there are also young drivers who have first-time; full-time operators also have non-all-purpose operators. They will carry out a speed and technology competition.

The competition contains two projects of internal burning trucks, forward-moving forklifts, and the accuracy and speed of the focus of the player operation. At the competition site, Zhang Yunjun, the manager of the Logistics Department, has made the referee, and after explaining the rules of the game in detail, the competition begins. The players twisted the key to start the equipment, formally starting the skill ratio.

Although it is a competition, it is also an embodiment of daily working attitudes and capabilities. Each player is meticulously treats every link and strives to be perfect. Only learn more in the weekdays, more than fighting, more growth, in order to reduce damage, safer and more efficient and higher quality to complete operational tasks, and improve service levels.

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In the fierce competition, the old captain did not lose from the year, won the burst of excitement with the wonderful performance of the clouds, and won the first in the internal combustion truck. Li Xuefeng won the pre-move forklift champion with skilled skills and experience.

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The skills of this skills not only test the hard technology of the driver, but also build a trick and enhance the platform of friendship. In combination of personnel learning technology, drilling technology also fully mobilizes the enthusiasm of employee work, and creates the company to respect labor, respect the skills, and respect the good atmosphere of talents. Encourage employees to learn progress, but also reflect the company's high requirements in every position, establish a decision of industry benchmarks and improve service. I also hope that the employees of different positions will strive for excellence, and create industry benchmarks to refuel!

(Original Author: Nar Logistics Zhang Junyi)

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