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new product release! Nar PPF color painted surface protective film grand release

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September 15, 2021, \"Nar PPF Cup \" Shanghai Jiaotong Ante EMBA Golf Club 2021 Autumn Competition \"Nar PPF Color Body Paint Social Protective Film Products\" \"held in Shanghai Palm Beach Seaview Golf Club.

Nar PPF color painted surface protective film adopts TPU material, different from traditional PVC color mask, this car clothing products have colorful and carsLacquer protectionBoth functions, at the same time, there is an unparalleled life of the PVC color filter, which has self-repairing functionality is more likely to be dusty.

The new product released is \"Ambilight DC \"and \" color TPU \"2 series, a total of nine color number. The number is the main display of color \" green vitriol bright green \", this brilliant bright colors and excellent product quality , they are given a full display through the fine print on the way.

Activities begin soon on the scene ushered in the high popularity, a live demonstration of the product to attract a lot of attention, guests also have pictures taken in front of a wall sign. This event is organized by CEO Yang Jiantang Canal shares caused by kick-off speech, under his auspices, ball across the blue sky, the game started.

CEO Yang Jiantang shares Lull cause kickoff speech ↑

Drizzle after another, the people continue to swing, high-spirited enthusiasm. Lull PPF golf umbrella to protect each player against the wind and rain interruptions in the rain, let the players enjoy the swing of happiness.

After an exciting game, looking forward to the dinner crowd and product launches officially kicked off. Ma Ji Canal following the president shares the stage speech, he expressed his delight with many colleagues gathered together, as well as a brief introduction \"Canal PPF \" the brand's origin.

Then, under the auspices of Canal PPF brand director Wang Jing, an official release of new products - \"Canal PPF colored body paint protection film \.\" In a brief introduction to the history and paint protection film after product features, elaborated Canal stake in carClothing Market WireThe planning and layout of the line industry, demonstrating the deep Canal shares the industry's determination and confidence.

NAR President shares Macartney killer dinner speech ↑

Lull PPF brand director Wang Jing New Products ↑

Dinner in the laughter of the full field, the award of various flowers, this tournament \"Gross Champion \" won the Canal sent shares of \"Lull PPF colored body paint protection film - Free full car installation \"award.

After just three years of development, it has become one of Lull PPF premium brand within the industry. TheColor carClothing release marks in carClothing industryIn Lull market position further secure the shares, the shares will be even more marked the Canal dig and further develop this market potential and determination. More, newer, better products will also further market shares with Canal and Canal PPF's development, customer service.

TPU sewing vs PVC color change color film

Currently available for mainstream film to change the color of the car about two, one, PVC membrane change color, another color TPU sewing. Although all change color, but still has a great difference.

the difference: Different materials. vehicleUsing clothingTPU material, the use of PVC materials change color film. It is because of TPU material,Only with the sewingAnti-scratch, repair, anti-corrosion,Anti-yellowing, And many other functions antioxidant; which is made of PVC film to color not available.

Difference between the two: a different manufacturing process. Selection in sewing coating, the substrate, the high glue, the manufacturing process also requires more stringent, and change color film on a relatively lower manufacturing difficulty.

Three differences: different warranty. Sewing warranty, is now generally above five years, and change color film is usually two to five years warranty.


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