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NAR attended the 2024 FESPA Global Printing Expo

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The 2024 FESPA Global Printing Expo was successfully concluded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on March 22, 2024, attracting many industry elites and experts to communicate on site. This event is the 16th consecutive year that NAR people have participated in the exhibition, showing the deep heritage and strong innovative manufacturing strength of NAR in the industry.

Fespa was founded by the French Printing Association and other 7 European associations, and was announced in Hamburg, Germany in 1962, and has expanded to 37 member countries of the association, with two major expos, the Global Printing Expo and the European Sign Expo, with footprints in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, etc., and is currently one of the most influential and largest advertising exhibitions in the world.

The 16 consecutive years of participation in the exhibition have not only witnessed the growth and development of NAR , but also showed our attention and commitment to the European market. Over the years, we have established a deep cooperative relationship with our European customers. Through the exhibition, we have an in-depth understanding of the demand changes and technological trends in the European market, which provides strong support for our product development and market layout.

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During the exhibition, the booth of NAR Co., Ltd. won the attention of many people in the industry with its excellent product display effect and professional and enthusiastic team service. Our staff warmly received every visitor, answered their questions in detail, and further enhanced the popularity and influence of NAR in the industry while sharing industry experience and insights. In addition, many partners also came to our booth to further discuss cooperation matters, laying a solid foundation for future development.

In order to better serve the European market, the products displayed by NAR not only cover the high-end digital printing material series, but also include the newly developed environmental protection product series and home decoration material series. The INJET series of the high-end brand INFLEX is popular for its excellent picture expression and good weather resistance. The representative product of the environmental protection product series, "blended modified POE composite inkjet printing material", became the focus of attention on the spot. Home decoration materials are both aesthetic and environmentally friendly, which further enriches the product line of NAR and broadens the field of future development.

The outstanding performance of NAR in this exhibition not only demonstrated its own strength and brand image, but also further understood the needs and trends of the international market through in-depth exchanges with industry elites, laying the foundation for further development of the future market and wider recognition.

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NAR has always adhered to the down-to-earth, hard and simple style, and has always been committed to creating high-quality products. We are well aware of the importance of quality first, always pay attention to market dynamics, keep improving, and manufacture good products with ingenuity. We believe that only by being customer-centric, constantly innovating and pursuing excellence can we win the recognition of the market and the trust of customers. In the future, we will continue to work hard

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