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Good news|Strong alliance to reach a new high peak, Nantong NAR & Lubrizol officially signed

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-05-09      Origin: Site

Nantong NAR Material Technology Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary of NAR Co., Ltd., officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Lubrizol Specialty Chemical Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. on April 16, 2024, marking the start of a cooperation journey between the two parties.


Nantong NAR is the world's leading provider and manufacturer of precision coating solutions. With the research and development of high-end application of materials as the core, based on advanced production equipment and processing technology, we are committed to the exploration and innovation in the field of new membrane materials.

Since its founding in 1928, Lubrizol Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company, has been using science and technology to deliver sustainable solutions to the global transportation, industrial and consumer goods industries. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), the core material for paint protection film manufacturing, was first introduced by Lubrizol more than 60 years ago, and with its years of expertise, Lubrizol's TPU has become the quality benchmark for high-end raw materials in the industry.

This strategic cooperation with Lubrizol is a high recognition of each other's manufacturing strength and industry status, and it is also an expectation for common development in the future.


At the signing ceremony, Yang Jiantang, general manager of Nantong Nar Material Technology Co., Ltd., said that in the future cooperation, Nantong NAR and Lubrizol will give full play to the superior resources of both parties to achieve technology sharing, market development and win-win benefits. While jointly developing new paint protection film and continuously improving product performance and quality, we will also strengthen marketing cooperation, jointly open up a broader market space, and provide consumers with more high-quality and fashionable paint protection film.


Yanwen Wu, Product Manager of Lubrizol's Global Surface Protection Business, and Romina Romina, Director of Global Surface Protection Business, agreed that they hope that the ecosystem partner , with Lubrizol's professional materials science , Nantong NAR will accelerate innovation and further enhance the differentiated value of cooperative products. Lubrizol's global application experience and market insights will help Nantong NAR broaden the forward-looking perspective of the industry, optimize the company's strategy, and achieve long-term healthy business development.

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Win-win cooperation is an important force to promote the progress of the industry, and it is also the only way to jointly move towards the high-quality development of the industry in the new era. In this strategic cooperation, Nantong NAR and Lubrizol will fully communicate and exchange, actively give full play to their respective advantages, and achieve strategic progress, business mutual benefit and brand win-win in development. Jointly develop and create more competitive and influential paint protection film products, injecting new vitality and impetus into the development of the industry.


The pace of progress never stops. At any time, NAR people are brave to open up new fields, meet new opportunities and challenges, learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses with partners, and jointly create more opportunities and development prospects.

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