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Good news|Wide format digital printing materials were officially put into production

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-05-09      Origin: Site

Recently, the news from the NAR Fengcheng factory that the 2.2-meter wide format PE coating machine and the silicon&adhesive coating machine were officially put into production after equipment debugging and trial production with materials!

Due to the wide-format material from the coating of liner to the silicon release and then to the adhesive coating, each process has high process difficulty requirements and process quality control requirements. With the gradual growth of market demand for such products and the improvement of their quality requirements, NAR officially established a project to implement the whole process of self-production of wide- format products, so as to effectively implement the quality control of raw materials and manufacturing processes, and further improve the quality of finished products.

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Silicon & adhesive coating machine↑

NAR always adhere to the "Full heart to service ,integrity to the world" business philosophy. After the project was established, the technical and production team visited a number of equipment manufacturers, conducted a comprehensive comparison of the production equipment, thoroughly implemented the production needs of each link, and focused on customized design and transformation according to the actual situation, and finally successfully created the latest wide-format PE cast coating line and adhesive coating silicon line.

Among them, the PE coating line adopts imported extruders , which can produce all kinds of coating paper, packaging paper, release paper, etc. with a width of less than 2.1 meters and a paper weight of 50-200 grams. The silicon coating line achieves the integration of adhesive and silicon coating, which can complete two processes at one time, with low energy consumption and high efficiency. At the same time, the control system adopts wireless communication to achieve accurate and stable equipment operation, and the use of digital technology improves the qualified rate of products.

Equipment is the foundation, but only equipment is not enough to completely guarantee product quality. After in-depth exploration, the project team successfully mastered the correct operation methods and process flow. The finished product is of excellent quality, excellent in use, and has lower loss than conventional products.

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2.20m wide format coating machine↑

Thanks to all the people who participated in the delivery of the wide-format digital printing material project, they have won the praise of NAR in the market and the industry again and again with their unremitting efforts day and night. In the future, we will always uphold the concept of "Full heart to service ,integrity to the whole world", sincerely unite, continue to make progress, climb the peak, bring more and better products to our customers and partners, and strive to create a better living space.

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