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2024 FESPA Brazil Exhibition: NAR deeply cultivate the Brazilian market and lead the industry trend

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On March 14, 2024 local time, the four-day FESPA Brasil 2024 came to a successful conclusion. NAR not only demonstrated the latest products and technologies in this exhibition, but also established deep ties with many industry colleagues.


As a leading supplier of precision coating materials in China, NAR's products have always been well accepted in the Brazilian market. At this exhibition, NAR people brought the latest decorative materials series and environmental protection series to the show, further cultivating the Brazilian market and laying out new product areas.

During the exhibition, our booth was crowded with people. This fully proves the recognition and influence of NAR's products in the Brazilian market. At the same time, it also provides strong support for us to further lay out new product areas and expand new market demand.

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At this exhibition, NAR launched a series of decorative materials, including wallpaper, wall cloth, wood grain stickers and other products, which have won wide acclaim for their high-quality materials, rich colors and textures. These products are not only beautiful, but also can bring users a better and more comfortable experience, creating a healthier and more beautiful living and working environment.

In the research and development of environmentally friendly products, NAR has been at the forefront of the industry, and we are constantly committed to the development and research of environmentally friendly products. This is reflected in the focus of the exhibition's eco-friendly product range, which has excellent environmental performance and durability to meet the needs of the market for sustainability.

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Although the exhibition has ended, the pace of NAR has never stopped. We will continue to cultivate the Brazilian market, continue to innovate and improve, provide our partners and users with higher quality products and services, and jointly open up a new future.

Thank you for your concern and attention to the friends of NAR, your support and attention is the driving force for us to move forward. Let's look forward to seeing you again at FESPA 2024 in the Netherlands!

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