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congratulate! Shandong sells Guan Titsra!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-01-15      Origin: Site

On January 13, 202, Narn Narppf held a \"2020 Nar PPF Excellent Dealer Award Ceremony\" in Nard Headquarters. Although due to epidemics, the ceremony has been streamlined, and the distributor activities also use \"batch-held, divided to hold \", but each event is still full of Nar PPF team's mind.

In the past year, it is an extraordinary year. Under the epidemic, under the close cooperation and support of major dealers, the paint-faced protective film products produced by Narr stocks are against the trend, and they are involvement, overcome all kinds of difficulties, and realize Another sales miracle. All successful efforts have been inseparable from dealers.

In recognition of dealers who created excellent results in 2020, Nar Shares were specially purchased as a reward, and gratitude was expressed.


In the ceremony, Yang Jiantang, Vice President of Nar Shares, delivered a speech, first of all the dealers from all walks warmly welcome and hope that the dealers will continue to work in the new year, and join hands together and create brilliant!


Subsequently, the President of Nar Shares Ma Ji awarded the winning dealer, and Li Xifeng, General Manager Li Xifeng, General Manager for the Yuan Auto Service Co., Ltd.!


Finally, Members of the Nar PPF all teams took a group photo, record this exciting moment.


At the same time, Nar PPF brand sales manager Zhou Xiaodo and this arrival of Jiangxi, Anhui dealer newly signed the 2021 sales agreement, with Shandong, Shanxi renewed 2021 sales agreement, together with the 2021 year, then create brilliant!


Today, Nar PPF brand products have achieved domestic leading position. 2021 has arrived, Nar PPF brand products will continue to be forwarded, and become a leader in the industry.


\"Narppf \" Brand Since its inception, in just one year, sales broke through billion, has become a domestic leading industry brand. As an important part of Narr Stock, \"Narppf \" created sales of sales during the 2020 epidemic through quality products, precise brand positioning and solid promotion.


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