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breakthrough! Naresho Decoration and Sales of Sales of Functional Materials Division increased by 400%

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-08-04      Origin: Site

In 2020, the sales of Nar 's decoration and functional materials have grown steadily. In July, the shipping trading volume exceeded 10 million mark, which increased more than 400% from the same period last year, close to the total sales total sales in 2018, and is expected to sell this year. The income will increase significantly.


Naren Stock Decoration and Functional Materials Division was formally established at the end of 2017. In 2018, the 10,000-level dust-free boutique workshop was completed. In 2019, successfully completed3 precision coating production lines, production capacity greatly increaseIn the same year, \"Nar-PPF \" brand is established, and it is started to build a boutique car clothing brand.

Since the establishment of the brand, with its excellent quality, \"Nar-PPF \" body paint surface protective film sales continued to rise, the shipments were officially broken through thousands of protocols in July this year.

Nar Dust-free workshop


Based on the powerful research and development strength of the Narr Shares (Changshu Institute of Technology) Functional Materials System Innovation Research Institute, Nar PPF painted surface protective film has a fifth generation hydrogen bond coating, nano-scale injection metal patent double coating and other patents. technology, Lay a deep foundation for its growth

After nearly 2 years, the brand echelon of \"Nar PPF, Inflex, Inflex, Proflex, Invisible Battrane\" has been implemented, and its own products, perfect, stable quality, sufficient to meet each Category requirements.


The decoration and functional materials not only showed as soon aspects of the paint protection, but also successfully developed other functional materials such as antibacterial membranes, mobile phone function films, magnetic stickers, will be put into the market in the near future.

With the development of the industry, a broader development path has been initially present in front of the Nels. In the future, under the joint efforts of the Nares, Nallants will bring more surprises and expectations to everyone with the support of our partners!

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