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Working on National Day holiday

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-01      Origin: Site

During the National Day holiday, a group of NAR people stuck to their posts and worked hard to optimize production equipment and improve production efficiency. During this period, Shanghai Factory completed the transformation of the heat transfer oil system, and Nantong Factory fully promoted six projects, including site transformation and RTO optimization.

Through the efforts of all project personnel, Shanghai Factory completed the transformation 2 days ahead of schedule and resumed normal production on 4th. Nantong Factory still maintained normal production and completed the construction of two projects when six projects were carried out at the same time.


Equipment upgrade in Shanghai factory ↑


Production and construction of Nantong Factory are carried out synchronously ↑

The orderly reconstruction of site facilities and normal production in Shanghai and Nantong can not be carried out without the cooperation of all departments, and through the fine management of the project, the efficient operation of all process can be achieved.

First of all, make a thorough work plan, and the task arrangement is accurate to the hour. In the face of different construction teams and projects, the person in charge manages different projects and responsibilities by category, and counts and arranges the construction time by hour, so as to seamlessly connect different projects and greatly improve the construction efficiency. In terms of production, we formulated a thorough production plan, fully mobilized the enthusiasm of personnel, reasonably arranged production equipment, and effectively achieved the production goals.

Secondly, personnel, materials and equipment shall be fully prepared. In order to avoid the problem of extension of construction period due to insufficient resources, NAR people mobilized relevant backbones and employees in advance and stayed at their posts during the National Day. At the same time, we fully anticipated the possible demand for materials and equipment during this period, completed the advance reserve, and laid a solid foundation for holiday production in an all-round way.

In addition, a strong responsibility is a common trait of NAR people. As the director of the Shanghai factory, Shao Xinzheng took the initiative to assume the responsibility of maintaining the normal production of the workshop. During the festival, he participated in the whole process of the heat transfer oil transformation project and checked every process; Xu ke of Nantong Safety and Environment Department dutifully conducts safety training for external construction personnel every day, and irregularly supervises and inspects the construction site; Sun Linjun from BaiNa Factory Affairs Department voluntarily gave up the holiday and stuck to her post in the workshop to ensure the normal operation of equipment and the smooth production of products. She has stuck to her post for many years.

Finally, strictly follow up the time node of project completion progress. In order to ensure the effective implementation of the plan, during the construction period, the work items of the day shall be clarified every morning, the progress shall be reviewed every night, and the project implementation shall be implemented, so as to effectively promote the effective operation and effectiveness of the project.


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