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Ultra popularity! Nar PPF debut in Beijing Yasseng Exhibition

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-26      Origin: Site

On March 24, 202, Nar PPF has a full-line brand \"Narppf \", \"Inflex \", \"Proflex \" Invisible Battery \"unveiled in Beijing Yassen exhibition. The exhibition has 30 years of history, with an area of ​​20,000 square meters, exhibits more than 180,000, almost cover the entire car market industry chain, it has an unique professional in the industry, is a professional brand show stage, and the wind direction of the industry. It is on this stage, Nar PPF has once again achieved ultra high attention and recognition.


This booth adopts Naal Blue as the main tone, with its unique modeling and appearance, fully demonstrating the brand image of Nar PPF, attracting a large number of viewers to stop consulting product information here.


In order to let the audience better understand the Nar PPF brand products, the first day of the exhibition, the Nar PPF body paint protective film with youthful model, unveiled the trembled live platform, the way to interact with the line, to use the line and the online interaction A comprehensive introduction.

The professional explanation and excellent brand image is not only a warm response in the scene, but also in the online live broadcast, there are also many fans, and the number of people climbed.


Since its list, Nar PPF has attracted a lot of users with its unique patented technology and stable quality. Even the grand event in the professionals, it still won the consistent recognition and thumbs up of the industry. In their opinion, Nar PPF's body paint protective film products are representatives of quality and reputation.


The road to move forward and struggle will never end, Nar PPF will set the power of all teams, constantly absorb new technologies, adhere to innovation, develop manufacturing better products for users to give back to Nar PPF support and recognition!

China International Exhibition Center


The grand will have not ended,

Tomorrow, we are still welcome here!


\"NARPPF \" brand has now become a domestic leading industry brand. As the important ministry of Narr Stock, \"Narppf \" created sales miracles again and again in a short period of time through quality products, precise brand positioning and solid promotion. Its PROFLEX, INFLEX, invisible wars have gradually obtained customers and consumers to recognize, and gradually become one of the leading brands of domestic body paint protective film.


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