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Training, ingenuity and wisdom -- Construction of 3T standardized management system

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-07-05      Origin: Site

In this hot summer, we can't stop NAR people's enthusiasm for learning. On July 4, 2018, NAR Co., Ltd. specially invited Mr. Zhang Xiaoqiang, senior lecturer of research union international enterprise management consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. to attend the training and guidance. With more than 10 years of practical work experience and modern management concept, Mr. Zhang explained the essence and method of TQM management for NAR staff in humorous and funny language, and analyzed the importance of total quality operation management in detail with real cases.

The times call for the spirit of "craftsman"; quality is life, and output is money. From the development of the country and the survival of enterprises, Mr. Zhang pointed out that quality is the king. As a production-oriented enterprise, quality is management, improvement and prevention, not inspection and testing. The quality management department is the management department of the whole plant. To do a good job in total quality operation and management, we must first emancipate our minds.

The core of total quality management: Essence - continuous improvement; means - full participation; purpose - customer satisfaction. Mr. Zhang put forward the idea of "smart" manufacturing. From manufacturing to smart manufacturing, the manufacturing mode of traditional production, human sea tactics, overtime shipment and human governance management has been transformed into a new smart manufacturing mode of innovation driven, quality first, green development and structural optimization. You can't get to a new place by the old way. You can only get the results of the past by the old way. To think of a new place, we need to take a new road and create new results in a new way.

Mr. Zhang's teaching is very vivid and practical, with strong appeal. In class, the students actively raised their hands to speak, and their enthusiasm for learning was very high. In order to avoid the enthusiasm of learning staying only in class, after the training, Mr. Zhang asked the students to mark their work, find out the shortcomings in the work, and put forward the improvement plan.

President Ma Jiji also put forward requirements for this training, and put the knowledge and methods learned today into practice in the work, hoping to apply what he has learned.

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