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The signing ceremony of Nantong Baina Master apprentice teaching has come to a successful end

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-08-24      Origin: Site

Paired mentors and apprentices work together to promote growth. Master apprentice teaching is an excellent tradition that NAR Group has always adhered to. In order to inherit advanced production work experience and help new employees in the workshop quickly integrate into the collective, the Nantong Baina Factory organized the 2023 Master apprentice teaching ceremony on the morning of August 15 and 16, 2023.


The signing ceremony was presided over by trainee Li Yulong, and the director of the manufacturing center, Liu Song, delivered a speech, introducing the purpose of this ceremony and the inheritance of the concept of mentorship. Director Liu Song elaborated on the prominent issue of manufacturing talent gaps in various production workshops. In order to enable new employees to timely understand the corporate culture and quickly master work skills, the management team made a decisive decision and conducted in-depth mentorship signing activities to ensure the orderly development of the factory, lean production, and the realization of the principle of using someone and someone.


Next, the host read out the list of teacher and apprentice representatives to offer tea, and each new employee came on stage in turn to bring tea to the teacher. A total of 32 pairs of mentors and apprentices signed contracts at the scene. After carefully reading the 'Master Apprentice Teaching Commitment Letter', the mentors and apprentices recited it together and solemnly signed their names. The agreement is made in duplicate, with one copy retained by the workshop and one copy retained by the HR department, with each workshop leader serving as a witness.

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For this mentorship ceremony, Director Liu Song emphasized that NAR has always placed people first and placed talent cultivation and development at an important position in the company's strategy. Excellent talents are the source of sustainable development for enterprises, and talent cultivation is not only about imparting knowledge and skills, but also a process of inheriting values and cultivating morality. The launch of the mentorship system is an important step in implementing the "Education Plan" proposed by Chairman You Aiguo. It not only represents the importance that NAR attaches to talent cultivation, but also demonstrates confidence and determination for future work.

Teachers, therefore, preach, teach and dispel doubts.. In the teaching system, the role of a master is not only a knowledge imparter, but also a guide and role model. Teachers should listen attentively to students' problems and confusions, actively guide them in solving problems, and help them establish correct values. Each master should not only serve as a good "Scout", but also serve as a good example. They should give their best to each other, truly help and teach, and pass on their dedication and professional skills to their apprentices through a combination of theory and practice. This will help them grow quickly, adapt to their positions, master their skills, and be competent in their work as soon as possible.

Hand in hand, master and apprentice work together. I believe that with the continuous inheritance and development of the culture of mentorship, NAR will emerge with more and more outstanding talents, contributing to the achievement of the centenary goal.

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