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The semiannual business analysis meeting of NAR was a complete success

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On July 18, 2018, the semi annual operation analysis meeting of NAR was held in Shanghai headquarters. All senior and middle management of the company participated in the meeting. The meeting analyzed the business situation in the first half of the year in detail, and arranged the key work of each department in the second half of the year.

The meeting lasted from 9:30 to 18:30. In the meeting, the main functional departments, 11 sales departments and 2 business departments of the company had a theme report and exchange. Through the data chart, the work achievements of the first half of the year were briefly analyzed and reviewed, and the key points of the second half of the year were highlighted. It can be seen that the NAR people have achieved hard won results through half a year's hard work. In the process of reporting to each other, we found problems in our department, find many work improvement points through interactive learning, and all departments were full of expectations for the work in the second half of the year. 

Financial Director You Aijun speaks ↑

Qian Xiabin, Director of Production Operations, speaks ↑

Gu Peigong, leader of the ecological product group, made a speech ↑

After reporting to all participants, President Ma Jiji systematically reviewed the overall operation of the company in the first half of the year and the completion of each budget target. Confirm the improvement of each completed project. For the existing problems, the direction of operation improvement is put forward. First, it is required to formulate sales strategy based on market share. Develop new products that can support sales, improve product structure, form terminal oriented business model adjustment, and create high-end brands. Second, to implement ISO9000 as the starting point, stabilize product quality, third, reasonably control cost, improve efficiency, optimize product line and other aspects of lean management. Fourth, through information construction to create a sharp tool for NAR enterprise management. Fifth, in terms of human resources and corporate culture construction, we will continue to recruit and reserve talents, train and build teams.

President Ma Jiji speaks ↑

At the end of the meeting, chairman You Aiguo summed up the meeting with "five words" and encouraged NAR people to march forward bravely: 

"Great". In the first half of 2018, the company made outstanding achievements in overcoming many difficulties such as poor macro-economy and created many new records in NAR's history. It is the hard work of the new management team led by President Ma Jiji. Our team is very "great". 

"New", everyone should have a strong "new" awareness, new products "New technology" if we can't master it, the crisis will follow. First of all, NAR people should dare to try new technology; second, they should start new staff. Today's team presentation is a good interpretation. Four of the six department heads of overseas marketing center are new people. It can be seen that the performance of the department using new people is very good, and new people should be promoted and reused regardless of style; new customers in new market should be valued The achievements are not kept. We should work harder on "new". 

"Difficult", it is difficult for business departments to receive orders, production departments to reduce consumption, service departments to reach the designated position, the contradiction between standard products and flexible products, the contradiction between market share and profit, and so on. We need to know more about each other's difficulties. Only by doing our job well and solving our own problems can we solve the company's difficulties.

"No", we are afraid of offending people, things and changing ourselves in our work and life, and we dare not deny the wrong things. NAR people should vigorously advocate saying "no" to those who violate the rules and procedures, to those who do not speak with integrity, and to those who have in the past. No matter inside or outside the company, NAR people stick to integrity and dare to say "no" to those who violate the rules of justice. 

By sharing the vivid story of a blind Master repairing computers, chairman you Aiguo told us that everything is not "difficult", but "determined". We encourage you not to be discouraged in the face of difficulties, but to have the determination and perseverance to solve them. 

Vice Chairman Wang Shuming and other vice presidents also reported and exchanged on behalf of the corresponding departments. Through a day of compact and efficient meetings, the narratives took another firm step towards their stated goals.

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