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The semi annual business analysis meeting of NAR in 2021 was successfully concluded

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On July 24, 2021, the first half annual business analysis meeting of NAR in 2021 was held at the headquarter of NAR . The business analysis meeting changed the previous form , emphasized team participation, focusing on problems and transformation actions, summarized the business situation, development problems and improvement plans in the first half of the year, and expounded in detail the development objectives and plans in the second half of the year. The unique new forms has achieved good results.

Department report and exchange

At the beginning of the meeting, more than 20 supervisors from various functional departments such as marketing, technology R & D, quality management, production operation and logistics delivery gave a concise summary of the work from four aspects: performance, existing problems, improvement and planning, suggestions on cross departmental cooperation, and comprehensively summarized the results and team operation in the first half of the year, Review solutions and plans for problems.

Topic discussion

The Department cadres employees participating in the meeting are divided into 8 groups based on the combination of "production ,supply,marketing and support". Taking the real events in the past six months as an example, CEO ,Ma Jiji guided the whole staff from small things to learn how to ask questions and "What responsibilities are not clear? Which approval processes are complicated? What matters between departments are difficult to coordinate and communicate, affecting work efficiency? " Three kinds of questions were asked and warmly discussed at the meeting. Each group thought deeply about the further causes and impact of the event and put forward feasible solutions. The individuals and companies participating in the meeting were full of harvest.

Meeting summary

CEO, Yang Jiantang pointed out that in the case of soaring raw materials, NAR has made good achievements in all aspects through timely strategic adjustment and the struggle of all staff. At the same time, he also faced the problems existing in the company's operation in the first half of the year, analyzed them, and deployed the focus of work in the second half of the year from the aspects of organizational structure, talent system and product system.

Chairman You Aiguo first affirmed the achievements made in the first half of the year and fully affirmed the progress in financial management and lean production. At the same time, he stressed that at this stage, we should further improve organizational efficiency, go out of the comfort zone, actively face the company's strategic objectives, take the initiative to explore the market and solve problems; In the face of problems, formulate plans and establish standards in advance to ensure that there are rules to follow and regulations to abide by; Continue to promote cost reduction and efficiency increase, improve organizational efficiency, and adhere to optimizing product structure. In the future, NAR will face more challenges. "The times can't change, but we can change ourselves". All staff should work together to build a strong team, change and improve themselves carefully, and move towards higher goals and stronger technology.

Through this semi annual business analysis meeting, NAR people have a comprehensive and deeper understanding and understanding of the company's strategic objectives, future development planning and team building. At the regular office meeting on July 26, the management team promoted and implemented the needs of various departments and the resolutions of the meeting. With the joint efforts of NAR colleagues, NAR will move towards a better tomorrow!

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