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The opening ceremony of NAR's first management trainee

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-07-06      Origin: Site

With full of knowledge and ambition, 10 management trainees stepped into NAR 's ,the small and beautiful family with confidence. 

NAR industrial Co., Ltd. made a growth and development plan for the first management trainee, and held the opening ceremony of Management Trainee on July 2. The training ceremony represents the official farewell of management trainees to the "historical" identity of "students" and the opening of their new career. They will also become NAR's outstanding talent reserve in R & D, technology, quality control, production, sales, etc., further improve NAR's team quality and ability, and light up NAR's future hope.

The opening ceremony of this management trainee was presided over by President Ma Jiji. Qian Xiabin, director of production and operation center, Cheng Haisheng, manager of quality control department, Wu Zhen, manager of product department, Wei Lingli, manager of domestic sales management department, Li Jianxun, engineer of Technology Department and Li Honglan, manager of human resources department attended the opening ceremony. Everyone expressed warm welcome and ardent hope for the arrival of NAR's first management trainee

President Ma Jiji described the development process, mission vision, development concept and operation purpose of NAR . for the management trainee system. Let us understand the development concept of "embracing all rivers and being outstanding" and the business tenet of "serving the world with heart". Through these explanations, you can further understand that NAR is developing step by step and steadily, which will help them better integrate into NAR's corporate culture.

Then President Ma Jiji introduced NAR's product type and brand, analyzed the international form and NAR's development situation, and profoundly described the development strategy of "unicorn", and elaborated NAR's development goal is to make NAR bigger and stronger, turn "NAR manufacturing" into "NAR creation", and make NAR brand become a world famous brand! Encourage management trainees to make efforts to create on the platform of NAR to realize win-win development of their own and enterprises. 

In order to better guide the career development direction of management trainees, President Ma Jiji shared his first experience in his workplace. Ma Jiji, the original president, has evolved step by step from a professional rookie. He has not achieved success overnight. He has to constantly improve himself in every ordinary job and make great achievements. Through the narration of Mr. Ma's own experience, the distance between the management trainees and NAR's team has been shortened, and the guiding light for their future career has also been lit.

The opening ceremony of the management trainee came to an end in the "three hearts and two opinions" presented by Li Honglan, manager of human resources department. "Three hearts" refers to "heart, patience and carefulness" and "two opinions" refers to "suggestions and counsels". We hope that they can achieve this "three hearts and two opinions" in their future work. Open a bright future for your career, and finally fly in NAR! I also hope that the management trainees will become the new generation of NAR's strength and build a better tomorrow together with NAR.

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