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The latest corporate culture of NAR was officially released

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-25      Origin: Site

From self-reliance and hard work to perseverance and high-speed development, and then to the realization of group operation, NAR has entered the 20th year with arduous and tenacious growth.

Long journey, the original heart does not change; Today is not what it used to be. Dreams are still there.

The effectiveness of the system is externalized, and the power of culture is endogenous. An enterprise can stand firm and move forward in the fierce and changeable market competition only if it adheres to culture and values.

Culture is the belief of an enterprise's sustainable development and Evergreen Foundation.

Over the past 20 years, NAR people have always adhered to their original intention on the way forward, adhered to ingenuity on the journey of struggle, worked hard and achieved one achievement after another. NAR people have not only realized the great leap forward development of the enterprise, but also accumulated valuable spiritual wealth. They have quietly grown in the culture of NAR.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary, NAR released the latest corporate mission and vision, updated our culture and continued our ambition.



Quality goods at fair price,beneficiary to customers, become a century old manufacturer with strong lean management and production capacity

NAR people firmly believe that altruism is the starting point of everything and one of the cornerstones of long-term development. Every product launched and every plan implemented by NAR takes altruism as the starting point, adheres to the principle of genuine goods, and always benefits customers and partners, makes others advance first and makes others profit first.

Only with this goal can an enterprise gain respect, trust and feedback, and lay the cornerstone of its sustainable development. The industry is specialized, new and small, and the cause is courageous and enterprising. A century old enterprise is the pursuit of all NAR people and will be the mission to be completed by NAR people from generation to generation.


Based on the empowerment of science and technology, create a better living space

Standing at the starting point of the second 20 years, NAR determined the corporate vision of "based on the empowerment of science and technology and create a better living space", continued to uphold the values of "integrity, respect, innovation and win-win", took science and technology as the core development source, attached importance to technology and talents, took this as the cornerstone and innovation as the guide, focused on developing more relevant projects that meet the needs of human development and strive to create a better living space.


Sense of worth

Integrity, respect, innovation and win-win

The survival and development of enterprises is aimed at maximizing business results, and the real and lasting economic benefits come from honest management. Integrity management is the greatest respect for partners and the market, and only integrity management can win respect and trust. "Innovation" is the key for enterprises to overcome difficulties and surpass development. Only innovation can lead the future, continuously respond to drastic changes and explore new situations. Only by adhering to honest management, mutual respect and continuous innovation can enterprises bring development. "A single tree does not make a forest". When rivers meet the sea, there is a vast ocean to sail. Only by allowing others to develop and advance, and finally realizing win-win, can we achieve our own development. Only by working together with partners can we create a broader development and win-win future.

Development concept

"The sea embraces all rivers" means "openness, inclusiveness and integration". Over the past 20 years, facing new culture, new knowledge and new technology, NAR has always actively accepted, actively absorbed and continuously recreated, which is broad-minded and firm self-confidence. NAR people firmly believe that the influx of new things and talents is not only the nutrient of growth, but also the driving force of sustainable progress, but also one of the important cornerstones to achieve "excellence", promote their own growth and stand out in the torrent of the times. It is this concept that has constructed NAR's talent system with a tide of generals and achieved 20 years of rapid development. Only by adhering to this concept can we create the next brilliant 20 years.

Business purpose

Full heart to service ,integrity to the whole world

It is the action program that NAR people always adhere to have customers in mind, serve wholeheartedly, spend time and effort for partners, consider problems from their perspective, sincerely provide services, and practice integrity and respect with actions. The only way to gain the trust and respect of others is to pay enough sincerity and respect for others first. As an enterprise gradually moving towards collectivization, NAR's customers are diverse. Only by continuously creating value for customers can NAR grow and develop.


The construction of corporate culture is related to the long-term and fundamental of the enterprise, and it is one of the key tasks that all NAR people must do well in the new development stage. Upgrading the corporate mission and vision reflects the wisdom and determination of NAR people, and it is also the direction and consensus of NAR people's growth.

The enterprise will continue to carry forward its values with respect and perseverance, and become a family with such values!

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