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The alarm bell! Nar Share 9 · 25 Fire Safety Warning Day

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At 7:30 in the morning on September 25, as a burst of police said ringtone, Nar Safety Warning Day passed the assembly number.


A total of 110 people participated in activities, and activities were divided into three parts - boiler fire emergency rescue, chemical leak emergency disposal, emergency evacuation drills and fire safety full-time training. At the time of the entire activity, the emergency evacuation drill was used for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The drill has achieved a complete success through the preliminary planning and detailed division of labor, and achieved the expected results.


Shanghai Narfold Exercise ↑

Unlike in previous years, today's activities fill this branches, because of the participation of new forces, the enthusiasm of activities is more high, and the reaction is more fast.

At the same time, the event invited the full-time firefighters in the new townhouse to put and guide the entire exercise activities more ordered. After the end of the drill, the fire brigade team leaders from the professional perspective on the use of fire safety laws and regulations, the practice of fire protection equipment, so that the employees who participate in the event have received a professional study and education.


Fire brigade comes to guide

Nantong Baina team also responded positively, warning day activities were synchronized, and both local benign interactions, highlighting performance in unified command, preparations, fast, orderly, and 225 participants.


Nantong Baina fire exercises ↑

Autumn and winter is a dry season, which is a safety accident, especially the high release of an energetic accident. Dear Narley Tongren use this as an opportunity to further strengthen safety first, prevention, prevent the principle of combination, investigate safety hazards, especially electrical use and line hidden dangers, standardize post operating procedures, and eliminate fire dangerous heads, for the company Development laying a solid safety foundation.

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