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The Nar Share Annual Management Analysis and Commendation Conference was held

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-01-16      Origin: Site

On January 14, 202, the Narcheng Annual Management Analysis and Commendation Conference was held, and all middle and senior employees participated in the meeting.

Management analysis

At the beginning of the meeting, the seven Operations Management Center of Nar Shares analyzed the results obtained by each department in 2020, proposing problems that need reflection, and the bits of harvesting and growth in the year, and clarified the next Year's goals, implementation plans and programs.


Subsequently, the President Ma Ji delivered a speech, and he comprehensively summed up for 2020, and the Narsen has been affirmed by the excellence of hard work through hard work.

At the same time, he put forward specific requirements for improving the work of 2021, improving profitability, improving business quality, laying three basic skills, and said that in the new year, encouraged dreams, There is a pursuit of Nar people to start a business, completely release employees from the mechanism, and the Horses can create new glories.

Finally, the chairman visited the country for the summary of the proposal. He cuts, encourages and encourages, encourages, and encourages, encourages, and encourages, and is energetic to actively meet new challenges.


Annual honor commendation

According to the tradition, the Narn will be the annual ceremony of the Naren, which is the stage of commendation. Unfortunately, due to the repetition of the epidemic, Nal is the response to the government's call, the banquet will latency to the appropriate time in the first half of the year, and thus, at the end of the business analysis, the annual honor commendation meeting was held.

The whole ceremony is simple and grand, filled with an invisible atmosphere. Through the company's strict selection, this commendation meeting promulgated the annual work star, the annual outstanding employee, the annual advanced team, the annual outstanding cadres, the annual outstanding department's commendation, updated the excellent management of the staff representatives.


After the end of the awards, each participating colleagues shared the sweetness of the past year in the past year. Behind every harvest, it is not known as the sweat and pay. The Narren's hard work, and the spirit of silently infected everyone in the seat and took the entire dinner to the climax.


This is a wonderful night, warm and warm. Hundreds of people fight, thousands of sails, the new year has come, Nar Shares wish you a happy New Year, smile bloom, hug wonderful! In the face of new year challenges and opportunities, Nar people are more confident and work together to work harder!

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