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The 6th Karaoke Competition of NAR ended successfully

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On August 18, 2023, the 6th Karaoke Competition of NAR started at its headquarters in Shanghai. This competition aims to enrich employees' leisure cultural life and provide a platform for talented NAR people to showcase themselves. Assistant President Xia Xuewu delivered a speech at the event, stating that the karaoke competition is a traditional cultural activity of NAR , which allows employees to relax and enjoy the joy brought by music in addition to their busy work.


This competition attracted 24 contestants from Shanghai and Nantong to participate. They sang a wide variety of songs, including gentle and touching love songs, dynamic rap, melodious folk songs, and cute children's songs. Every contestant put in their best effort to sing the most beautiful melody in their hearts, and the on-site audience also gave them enthusiastic applause and encouragement. Many departments collectively mobilized to cheer for their contestants.

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After careful grading by the judges, Wu Weihao, the management trainee of NAR Hydrogen Electric, made a remarkable achievement and won the Golden Melody Award for his Cantonese song "Lovers in the Rain". His voice was affectionate and his singing skills were proficient, successfully capturing the hearts of the judges and audience present.


Winners of the Golden Melody Awards ↑

Han Zijian from Nahr Hydrogen Power and Wang Hua from Baina Logistics Department won the second prize, while Xu Jiahui from Overseas Department 2, Zhu Kai from Baina Rolling Workshop, and Tian Ziyan from Baina Single Pass Workshop won the third prize.


Second Prize Winner ↑


Third Prize Winner ↑

Assistant President You Rui presented awards to the award-winning contestants and summarized the competition. He pointed out that every contestant from NAR loves music. They use their singing to transmit positive energy and bring everyone a wonderful audio-visual feast. I wish the next competition could hear more and better songs.


This karaoke competition not only showcased the musical talents of NAR people, but also provided a platform for employees to showcase themselves and communicate emotions. Next, Nar Group will hold a variety of cultural and sports activities, hoping that every employee can actively participate, enjoy the activities, and grow rapidly in NAR's unique cultural atmosphere.

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