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The 4th Karaoke competition of NAR was successfully held

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-02      Origin: Site

On July 30, 2021, the 4th Karaoke competition of NAR was held in NAR, Shanghai. The competition was judged by the winners of the previous competition, and a total of 28 singers from Shanghai NAR and Nantong Baina participated. After the careful preparation of the contestants, the successful live interpretation of classic songs ignited the enthusiasm of the audience.

Everyone made perfect performance, and the wonderful singing made the audience enjoy an auditory feast. After fierce competition, a total of six players stood on the rostrum. They are Li Wenbin from PPF department, Shi Qingfeng from Baina slitting workshop, Xuyu from Baina planning department, Jiang Shumei from Baina quality control department, Zheng Xiangyuan from Shanghai NAR finance department and Tian Ziyan from Baina one way vision workshop. Among them, Li Wenbin won the first prize with Zhang Xueyou's song "You are always with me on my way".

The Karaoke competition of NAR has been held for four times. It has greatly enriched the company cultural life of NAR people, and built a stage for NAR people to show their style and spirit.

Thank the contestants for their enthusiasm and affection. Next summer, see you again!

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