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The 3rd Nar Share 12.12 purchase festival, ended successfully!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-14      Origin: Site

On December 12, 2020, \"Our family \" The 3rd Nar Share 12.12 purchase festival ended successfully. At 22:39 evening, the purchase section is reached.


Narr 12.12 purchased section as Naria annual important events, Narm people have made full preparation, but due to the repeated situation of the epidemic situation, the Nares changed the tradition, and the first time I used online live broadcast. Although I have not seen, the enthusiasm of the invited customers is not reduced. Under their strong support, the number of customers in online interaction reached 366, they sent their own blessings.


Among them, the general manager of Guangdong Ziqing Ding Hongtao, Beijing Yuna Li Guang, Linyi Chun Cheng Liu Lichun, General Manager, Linyi Tianmu Wengui, General Manager, Changsha Manjiang Hong Chen Jianwen, Zhengzhou Xinshi Da Guo Yulin General Manager (Ranking Successfully recorded video, and also expressed their expectations for this event in the line, and confidence in the future.


At the meeting, the Chairman of Narria lived in love to all invited customers. He summed up the efforts of Narm people in this year, thanking for the support of the partners in this year.


Visiting the Chairman of the Countries

Subsequently, the President of Nar Shares gave speeches, and under the leadership of the Chairman of the Commodity, I sent a sincere blessing to all customers.


Ma Ji, President of Nar Shares


Senior team blessing ↑

Yang Jiantang, Vice President and Marketing Center of Nar Share, delivered a speech. In the speech, he not only predicted the future market situation, but also reviewed the achievements and existence of the Narun team in the past year, and expounded the planning of future Nar Shares to partners for the pain points of customers and markets. And development strategy.


Yang Jiantang, Vice President and Marketing Center of Nar Shares

In the expectations of the audience, the Nar executive team promulgated this year's \"Key Products Development Award \", \"3A Customer Award \" and \"Annual Agreement Completed Customer \" list, and will go to the winners They sent a well-prepared gift and blessings.


During the event, through the form of online lottery and the red envelope, the customers sent a well-prepared gift and red envelope, conveyed the strong gratitude of the talents.


Moderator Online Draw & Red Packets ↑

Finally, the Nar Marketing Team sent the most sincere blessings to all partners, we will face opportunities and challenges with everyone with better products, more thoughtful services.


The 3rd Nar Shares 12.12 purchase festival was pulled up. Thank you again for your support. Future Nar Shares will bring more surprises to all partners, and join hands together to create brilliant future!


- END -


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