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The 13th National Games of NAR was grandly held

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On November 18, 2023, the 13th National Games of NAR, "Fitness for You and Me, Walking Together," was grandly opened in the golden autumn sunshine. In order to fully demonstrate the good spiritual style and team spirit of NAR staff, in this sports meeting, there were not only multiple exciting and popular events such as fixed point shooting, tug of war, fun football, endurance running, relay running, basketball matches, etc., but also awarded awards to the award-winning players in fitness activities and preliminary rounds. The sports meet was a colorful scene, becoming a stage for NAR people to showcase their talents.

Opening of the sports meet

In the early morning sunshine, the NAR people teamed up to the sports venue, and their energetic spirit made the flag raising a beautiful scenery on the road. At the opening ceremony, referee Zhang Xiongfei and athlete Yang Qingfeng respectively took the oath on behalf of the referee team and all athletes. Chairman You Aiguo also delivered an enthusiastic speech and announced the official start of the sports meet.

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1-4 1-3

Scene silhouette

The various events of the sports meet are both fun and competitive, and each competition showcases individual qualities and abilities, as well as the spirit of teamwork and cooperation among team members. They demonstrated the enterprising attitude of the NAR people through their actions, and demonstrated the spirit of team unity, overcoming difficulties, and advancing together through competitive competitions.

2-1       2-2

2-3       2-4

2-5       2-6

2-7      2-8

2-9     2-10

2-11     2-12

2-13     2-14

In addition, the NAR people in the Thai factory were also unwilling to fall behind and held sub venues for the Nar Games at the same time in the local area. They actively participate, gather their essence and spirit, and bring a stronger sense of belonging and honor.

3-1       3-2

3-3       3-5

3-6       3-7

Honor Moment

After intense and exciting competition, each project has welcomed its winners, who undoubtedly become the focus of attention in the audience.

4-1 4-2

4-4 4-3

4-5 4-6

The annual sports meet has come to an end. This year's sports meet inherits the tradition of the NAR Games, arranging three stages: fitness activities, preliminaries, and finals. Starting from September, it lasted for a total of two months, deeply integrating a healthy work attitude and an upward sports spirit into the daily work and behavior habits of the NAR people. The event includes both mental activities such as chess and poker, as well as competitive events such as the 4 * 100 meter relay, tug of war, and basketball competition. The 24 sports fully stimulate the interest and vitality of the Nahr people. On the sports field, the Nar people continue to demonstrate their spirit of progress and team spirit of continuous exploration, and their excellent qualities shine in the sweat they shed. Let us continue to uphold a positive spirit of exploration, strive wholeheartedly, and work hard to create a better future!

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