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The 11th athlete meeting of Nar Shares ended successfully

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Lingyun Sai Feng, Zhi Gao Banyang, November 20th, the eleventh sports meeting of Nar Shares was successfully held in the expectation of Nar. This sports will use \"Movement to make life better \" as the theme, and give speech by the chairman of the tour, announce the opening of the sports meeting. The whole stadium is filled with the joyful atmosphere.

This year's sports meeting has a total of eleventh competitions, in addition to traditional projects such as tug, table tennis, badminton, has also added a basketball match, a playing card fun, and the content of the game is fun and competitive. A total of 342 players were awarded, 40 of whom came from Nantong Banner.


After adequate warming, our game officially started, let us take a look!


Five-person basketball & fixed-point shooting


Volleyball Supply & Fun Football


Long rope


Chess & Poker


Badminton & table tennis


Tug-of-war & Chinese 8 Balls

The contestants were brave and struggled on the field, united collaboration. After a wonderful competition, the competition was competed.

后Hou 2After 1After 3

This sports meeting came to an end in the laughter, and the Naren waved sweat on the sports field and left a cool pose. At the same time by exercising, we will understand the fun of sports, release the work pressure, the team spirit is unconscious, and the distance between colleagues is also quiet. Beautiful life can't lack your health, next year, let us meet again on the sports field, and create a new achievement!

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