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The 10th Anniversary Symposium of Nantong Factory Successfully Held

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On October 13, the "20th Anniversary Symposium of NAR and the 10th Anniversary Symposium of Nantong Factory" was held in Nantong Factory. Chairman You Aiguo, President Ma Jiji, CEO Yang Jiantang, and General Manager Wang Yufeng of the Technology Research and Development Center attended the symposium. More than 40 middle-level cadres and key employees from Shanghai Headquarters, Shanghai Factory, Nantong Factory and Nantong NAR attended the meeting.


At the beginning of this symposium, President Ma Jiji gave an opening speech. He briefly reviewed the construction process of Nantong Plant, its changes in the past 10 years since its commissioning, and its achievements, introduced the organizational structure of the Group and the responsibilities of relevant functional departments, and emphasized the importance and strategic significance of Nantong Plant in the NAR Group system.


At the meeting, more than ten key representatives from Nantong Factory, shared the information, including many "veterans" who participated in the factory construction. They sentimentally recalled the difficulties they had overcome in their common growth with Nantong Factory, the gains they had made, and their expectations for the future development of Nantong Factory.

As a representative of management posts, Xiong Hele, Assistant Director of the Manufacturing Center and Manager of the Safety and Environment Department, has joined NAR for 15 years. He reviewed the changes and growth of himself and his team over the past 15 years and expressed his gratitude to the team. Under the complex and difficult objective environment, the company still insists on caring for the quality of life of employees, and considers employees from the perspective of salary and treatment. At the same time, he proposed to further adhere to the "frugal" NAR tradition, and pay attention to production site details management, product quality, employee customer service awareness, low-carbon environmental awareness, etc.

In the team of the manufacturing center, several workshop directors, such as Lu Shibin, director of the calendering workshop, Wu Jianpeng, director of the one way vision workshop, shared the information. Most of them have worked in NAR for more than 10 years. In the past 10 years, the production equipment of Nantong Factory has developed from manual to automatic, from one production line to more than ten production lines, from extensive management to lean management... In the face of changing environment and difficulties, the teams of Nantong Factory have worked together to overcome them. They "take the factory as their home", devote themselves wholeheartedly, and carry out the spirit of Nar people with their own practical actions.

In addition, there are many technicians active in the growth history of Nantong Factory. Wang Xianwei, Director of the Technology Research and Development Center, Mr Xiao, Technical and Process Engineer, Zhang Jiaying, Director of Nantong Naer Technology and Quality Control Department, and other new and old technicians made speeches. They talked about their understanding of NAR's spirit from different angles and recalled their own growth in the past 10 years


In recent years, with the change of the market, the improvement of environmental awareness and the rapid development of the parent company of NAR, higher requirements have been put forward for the production development and social responsibility of Nantong Factory. Liu Song, Director of the Manufacturing Center, reported this situation. After nearly a year of joint efforts, Nantong Factory has realized the implementation and promotion of more than ten transformation projects, defined the next work plan and steps, completed the review and summary of experience, and formed a behavior standard that can be referenced and implemented.


CEO Yang Jiantang reviewed the important development nodes of Baina with the "Ten Year Baina", then introduced the main product fields and market strategies of the Group's future development, and analyzed the prospects of each field. At the same time, it is emphasized that extensive production has been phased out by the times and society, and the future will certainly enter the era of refined and high-tech products, intelligent management, and low-carbon factory development.


At the end of the meeting, Chairman You Aiguo made a summary speech. He first added the purpose of setting up Nantong Baina, and the moving examples in the construction process, praised those silent devotees in the 12 year construction and development process, and thanked all colleagues who have paid for the construction of Baina, including those who left for various reasons.

He pointed out that since its establishment, Nantong Baina has experienced rapid growth in its asset scale and sales revenue, which is the most important part of Nar shares. It has a history of extraordinary growth. However, the current domestic and international economic environment is complex and changeable, and uncertainties in the future are increasing. Nantong Factory is in a painful stage of growth. For the problems that restrict the development of the company, we must face and quickly solve them. This requires that all employees have a sense of responsibility, firm confidence, and more importantly, we should face the difficulties.

On the occasion of the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China is about to enter a new era. Enterprises must follow the trend and build Nantong Plant into an efficient modern enterprise of "environmental protection, energy conservation and digitalization".

Later, he explained the company's corporate culture, stating that the development of the company should be based on the responsibility of employees to get a better life, and all systems should be based on the growth of employees, so that employees have the motivation to be willing to work for themselves; There should be a clear concept of technological innovation, low carbon and environmental protection; We should make full use of the power of standardization, institutionalization and process in management; We should practice strict economy and not waste; In action, we should give full play to the collectivized operation, and the benign cooperation between organizations should improve the ability to solve problems and operational efficiency.

Finally, he pointed out that only by constantly learning and enriching ourselves can we live up to our current efforts and sweat, and only by working hard can we achieve the desired results.


Nantong Factory is the eldest son of NAR and the place where NAR people are raised. It rose from an empty land and has become a place where hundreds of NAR people work and live in just a decade. Today's Nantong Factory will surpass its past self, become a green environmental protection factory of tomorrow, and become a home for more NAR people to live and work in peace and contentment.

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