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Thanksgiving, gather potential and share the future

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On the afternoon of March 7, sponsored by Shanghai NAR industial Co., Ltd. and co organized by Shanghai Zhangjiang High tech entrepreneurship service center, the "NAR stock successful listing appreciation meeting and Global Industry Summit Forum" was held in Shanghai Hongqiao Hilton Hotel. With the theme of "gratitude, gathering potential and sharing future", the forum focuses on two main topics, namely "new trend" and "new future". Several leading experts in the printing industry jointly gave speeches, gave lectures and shared wisdom. More than 500 industry guests from more than 20 countries gathered to witness NAR's march to the 3.0 era.

Trend: sub forum of "spray printing ecology and industry map"

From the product market to the capital market, from the upgrading of materials to the development trend of the industry in the future, aiming at the hot spots of the industry, the most professional topics were selected from the most professional perspective, and several enterprise representatives and experts were invited to give keynote speeches. The wonderful topics and practical cases they shared brought a feast of ideas for the printing industry.

President of Shanghai Advertising Equipment Supplier Association 

Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd. under World Expo Group 

Address by Mr. Zhang Dingguo, director and general manager

The conference site was full

Future part: "traffic media business and business model innovation" sub Forum

The construction and improvement of modern transportation network has made China step into the era of rapid development. The huge audience makes the traffic media business a new position for the major brand businesses.

At the meeting, Mr. Fan Hui, director of marketing department of Shanghai Shentong Degao Metro Advertising Co., Ltd., gave a keynote speech on media innovation in Metro scene; Mr. Gao Jingxin, secretary general from intelligent transportation and collaborative innovation center of communication University, made a keynote speech on the collaborative mode of "production, learning and research capital" under the new communication business mode; Mr. Yu Bin, deputy general manager of MA (Shanghai) Network Technology Co., Ltd., made a keynote speech on the trend sharing of innovative business mode in the rail transit field; Ms. Zhou Wen, manager of marketing and customer service department of Shentong asset media planning business department, made an innovative service based on smart Metro Business model exploration and practice.

Thanksgiving, gather potential and share the future

On November 29, 2016, Shanghai NAR industiral Co., Ltd. was officially listed on SMS board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In order to thank all parties for their supports, NAR has prepared wonderful activities. At appreciation meeting, there were lots of highlights and climaxes. 

Deputy director of Zhangjiang administration of Shanghai pilot Free Trade Zone Management Committee 

Deputy director of Shanghai Zhangjiang High Tech Park Management Committee 

Mr. Wang Weigang delivers a speech

General manager of Shanghai Shentong Degao Metro Advertising Co., Ltd 

Speech by Ms. Zhou Qian

Mr. Ron Gilboa, director of industrial printing department of keypoint intelligence 

Made a keynote speech of "looking at the great business opportunities of digital printing industry from a global perspective

Mr. You Aiguo, founder / Chairman of  NAR industrial Co., Ltd 

Made a keynote speech of "gratitude, gathering potential and sharing the future"

Every day without dancing is a disappointment to life." With Nietzsche's words, You Aiguo, chairman of NAR, explains NAR's constant efforts to move forward. 

"NAR will redefine the industry from a global perspective, stand at a higher latitude to participate in the industry competition, and use the platform of joint-stock companies and the support of local governments to rebuild the industry ecology," Chairman You Aiguo said in his speech. NAR's future is not only the competition and cooperation in products, but also the upgrading to the 3.0 era of industrial cooperation. With the integration of capital incubation, innovative products and enterprises can be grafted onto the platform of the joint stock company to quickly improve the visibility, enlarge the customer base, and ultimately enhance the value. " 

China's first digital printing industry fund signing ceremony

Led by NAR industial Co., Ltd. and supported by Zhangjiang High Tech Park Management Committee of Shanghai, together with Shanghai Zhangjiang High tech entrepreneurship service center, Shanghai Huirong Investment Holding Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lanye Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huiyan Investment Management Co., Ltd., etc. Five companies jointly invested 100 million yuan. The first digital printing industry fund in China was established to incubate innovative enterprises in the digital printing industry, become the first information platform for overseas products to enter China, and realize resource sharing, data sharing and capital sharing in the industry.

Inauguration ceremony of South China distribution center of NAR industial Co., Ltd 

Exclusive distribution signing ceremony of NAR brand in Guangdong Province

Licensing ceremony of brand dealers in China

The performance of passion, beautiful light and shadow, elegant and melodious make the meeting colorful

Chairman You Aiguo said: "I am so grateful for this era, for the staff who fought with him side by side, and for everyone who helped him and NAR. NAR will launch six Thanksgiving activities in succession this year, and set up a million poverty alleviation fund and innovation fund to help those in need and pass on their love. "

This grand meeting is a passionate song of NAR 's harmonious and win-win ecological industrial chain, and a new chapter of NAR's transformation and upgrading into a global excellent digital printing material supplier. Chairman You Aiguo hopes to lead NAR to make qualitative changes - follow the trend, continue to deepen his main business; take advantage of the situation, expand upstream and downstream cooperation; continue to innovate, improve the expansion of the company's business and future imagination space, and enter the 3.0 era.

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