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Talk! September Percupping Group Construction Expansion

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-22      Origin: Site

Recently, in order to create a good team atmosphere, cultivate professional, professional, and comprehensive teams. Nar Shares organized a \"Personnel Group Construction Expands\" in Fengxian Camp Park.


This built-in activity is composed of nearly 10 projects that help participants have built cooperation and tacit bridges by interactive participants.

\ In \"Breaking Action \", under the leadership of the coach, the pace of his own mental, although there is still a bit of hot, but there is no minority, small activities, bringing The team's tacit understand and laughter.


The kayaking items starting will be opened in the fine rain. Although the Tiangong is not beautiful, but as a project that is the most expectation, the intelligence of the pipes did not have the slightest, and the small kayak is coming to the lake, achieving the goal. This is the team's cooperation, but also makes the pacific students know the valuable and rare.


In addition, there is also a \"big ball crash \", \"Run fast kangaroo \", \"blind people hit \", \"Pinna Lala \", \"big tree and squirrel \" , \"Bonfire Party \" and other activities. At the end of the event, the gangs raised their ovens and tasting the cuisine made together. In the autumn lake, leaving a jumping figure and a smile of youth.


Events have come to an end with the fall of the sunset. Expanding training is not physical training, but in order to dig and cultivate the activities of teamwork. I believe that the management of the event will meet new challenges in a better state of mental investment.

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