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Super value is super! Nar transparent car stickers NV6008B offer!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-04      Origin: Site

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NV6008B can be shifted super-through

Show more delicate

The inkjet picture is clearer

Applicable scene higher

Facial mask:100Micron colorless ultra-vehicle film

The end of paper:125Micron single-sided PET film (porcelain white matte)

glue:Extensive transparent glue

Babed media:Glass, transparent acrylic board, etc.

Application scenario

Indoor and outdoor glass curtain wall or advertising

Such as: subway station glass, door shop window, glass stack road, etc.

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1, optical grade light transmissive performance, high color reproduction;

2, the product size is good, suitable for most transparent media surfaces;

3, product ink ink stable, bright picture, bright;

4, one year, indoors, can remove, no residual glue or small amount of residual rubber within one year.

5, compatible with a variety of inkjet models, suitable for various solvent type, weak solvent type and UV ink printing method.

For more information, please consult the regional manager

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