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Strong union! Nar PPF reached a strategic cooperation with domestic well-known film stores

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-04      Origin: Site

Recently, Nardon's body painted surface protective film brand \"Nar PPF \" reformed strategic cooperation with DC Town in China. Ma Ji, Vice President, President of Nar Stock, Executive General Manager of the Protective Film Division, attended the contract and authorization ceremony.

At this point, the Ni Tag officially became a special channel provider of the Nar PPF body protective film. In addition to the product, Nar Shares will provide customized channels and services to the Contacts during the service.


Awarded a license

In order to deepen each other's understanding, Nar Shares andChockeyTwo-way communication. In the exchange, the powerful comprehensive strength and excellent product quality of Nar Shares were deeply touched.ConciseFounder Ye Wei and Wu Shenyi and its team. Not only sigh, but also determine the belief of cooperation, Lay a solid foundation for future depth cooperation.

DC Town team visits Nar Shares



Since the formal release of the Nar PPF paint protector At the same time, the field is customized in the field of vehicle.ConciseIt has also been a great position in China.

This time strategic cooperation is exactly \"product terminal \" and \"server\" \"strong join hands \", is the union of strong people,It is the beginning of common development. In the future, we will further carry out exchanges and cooperation, continuously enhance both competitiveness, and achieve mutual benefit.

Nar PPF team visits DC Town



The pace of movement will never stop. Whenever, Nal Shares will be brave in the new field, meet new opportunities and challenges, and take advantage of our partners to create more opportunities and development prospects.


Founded in October 2010, it is a company engaged in the design concept of auto appearance design. At present, there are 9 chain stores in 7 cities across the country. With the continuous introduction of the design, the process has continued to accumulate, the service is continuously optimized, and DC Town has become the design and construction team of luxury car brands in many years, and many times provide design and construction services for all kinds of competitions. It has now become one of the comprehensive stores in China's well-known automotive appearance improvement.

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