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Spring Festival production is not stopped - \ \"了 不 人 \"

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Going home for the New Year, it is the most soft expectation in the heart of the people outside, but in order to better serve customers, send the product to the customer in time, this year's Spring Festival, there are many Nar people stayed in the post, they respectively From Shanghai Nal and Nantong Baina, a total of 184 people, 12 of which went to Nantong from Shanghai to Nantong.

These Nar people gave up the opportunity of returning home, and their \"Not returned\" guards the health of their families, guarding the company's development, and will significantly improve customer delivery.


Thoughtful preparation: Delivery Center

Before the arrival of the New Year, in order to prepare for the Spring Festival, all the members of the Delivery Center took a sufficient production of raw materials for the 10-day Spring Festival production cycle under the leadership of the Vice President. A large number of raw materials are indiscriminately stored in the warehouse in front of the festival, and lay the foundation for normal production in the Spring Festival.

At the same time, the inflow of a large number of raw materials is a huge pressure on the normal operation of the warehouse. The delivery center has found enough storage space in a limited space in a limited space. It not only avoids the situation of the explosion, but also improves the storage efficiency.

Production of fighting: adhesive & sessatral workshop

The Spring Festival production, adhesive and divided workshop have a total of 80 people. As two workshops producing important backbone, these two teams are the most recent total number of people, ensuring the normal operation of two workshops.

Adhesive workshop team


Split workshop team


Fighting production: calendering & shower shop

The colleagues in the calendering and the drumping workshop are still struggling in the night of the new year. As the manufacturer of masks and base paper, their work cannot be lacking, it is their conscientious, no complaint, high quality mask and base paper Their hands were born in their hands.

Extended workshop team


Crane shop


Fighting production: melting dosing workshop

As a new member, the melting is a new member, in order to ensure the quality and delivery of the production, they also have chosen to give up rest, stay job work. After the trust festival, more products will be sent to the customer's hand.

Melting cloth team


Strong Back Shield: Power Supply & Technology & Logistics & Plan

In addition to people in the front line, there are many colleagues who have silently paid in their own post. They come from various departments such as planning, technology, product management, logistics. It is because of their meticulous work, unreserved efforts and \"rigorous and font\" work style, to ensure product quality, in order to send the product to the customer in time.

Power Supply & Technology & Logistics & Plan Team


There is also the leading management team, and they stayed in the first line of struggle with the team. Their busy figure shuttles in various workshops and positions, paying unselfishness in order to maintain the normal production and \"high quality, levenging \" target during the festival.



In order to serve customers more efficiently, in order to produce more quality products, the product will be delivered to the customer in the hands of the product as soon as possible, and the Narsen gave up the opportunity of the Spring Festival holiday and stick to the work site. Thank you, your efforts are the most stable rock and the strongest pillar.

Mo Dao is not returned to the spring this year, and the spring is also sent to the Spring Festival, and more quality products will be sent to the customer. I sincerely bless everyone to think about it in the new year, all the best!

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