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Sending warmth before the Dragon Boat Festival

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-09      Origin: Site

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming. In order to thank the employees who worked wholeheartedly during the epidemic prevention and production period. NAR organized the activity of "Dragon Boat Festival healthy, sending warmth", prepared delicious rice dumplings and freshly picked melons and fruits, and sent Festival blessings and sincere thanks to everyone.

On the morning of the 26th, a car full of gifts was ready to go. The car full of warm gifts went on the "welcome the Dragon Boat Festival and started a warm journey" and personally sent the holiday greetings to the employees, full of deep thanks and good wishes to the NAR staff.

The preparation of gifts is busy


Warm smile with deep friendship


In the days when the leaves of rice dumplings were fragrant, NAR gave us not only a small gift box, but also a deep love for everyone . The festive atmosphere is quietly conveyed with palm fragrance, and sincere blessings are delivered to the inner hearts of everyone .

Although the gift is small, the affection is the heaviest. Thanks to all NAR people for their selfless dedication and struggle to forge ahead without fear of difficulties. Without your efforts, there would be no normal operation of the company during the epidemic prevention period, let alone achieving breakthroughs one after another and creating new monthly sales records.

"A wisp of rice dumpling fragrance, a deep feeling", I wish "after eating rice dumplings, we will always be in good health", work together, and move towards a better future hands in hands!



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