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School-enterprise cooperation! Nar Shares and Guizhou Wantong, teamed up with training for automobile construction professionals

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-07-17      Origin: Site

Recently, Nardo joined in Shanghai, with Guizhou Wantong Automobile Education School, jointly held a grand \"School-enterprise cooperation signing ceremony \", officially opened \"car film \" vocational technical courses, creating special technical talent training camp.

Nar Shares will provide \"NAR-PPF body painting protective film \" as a teaching material, and excellent students will also visit the Narcsu production base and provide more development for excellent graduates. Opportunities and platforms.

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Yang Jiantang, Vice President of Nar Stock, Executive General Manager of Automotive Protector Division, Executive Manager, General Manager of Shanghai Original Information Technology Co., Ltd., General Manager, General Manager, Guo Yaozong, Guo Yaozong, Guizhou Wantong Auto Education School, attended the ceremony.

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Yang Jiantang, Vice President of Nar Shares, delivered a speech on the prospect of this cooperation.

He said that cooperation between professional enterprises and technical institutions is one of the important initiatives of reducing education and education. First, the establishment of professional courses will certainly solve the problem of insufficient automotive film professional technicians from the source, thus enhancing the construction of industry construction technology, enriches the team of professional and technical personnel, and realizing the construction of talent team, second, with professional talents Growth and mature,Professional technical construction standardIt will also be gradually improved, thereby promoting the development of the industry. Finally, this cooperation is not only a win-win situation between the school-enterprises, and will also play a positive role in the employment of Guiyang local economy and talent.

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The school-enterprise cooperation is one of the important initiatives of Narr Shares from industry responsibility and social responsibility. In the future, Nal Shares will do our best, join hands, and provide quality professionals to the industry and society, and better realize the concept of Nar Shares \"Heart Service, Letter\".

As a protective film mounted on the car paint surface, \"NARPPF \" has now become one of the domestic leading body painted protective film brands. Since the listing, the series has been welcomed by users, and has become the preferred product of most users.

NARPPF painted surface protective film, can increase the brightness of the car paint surface, protect the car paint from scratches, tune and other damage. At the same time, there is a scratch repair function and scratch masking function, which has a water repellent, a substrate for TPU thermoplastic polyurethane, which uses nano-stage injection metal patented dual coating technology. It is a completely invisible painted protective film, which can be applied. The field includes cars, motorcycles, rides, motor vehicles, bicycles, yachts, high-end furniture, digital 3C, etc.

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