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\"Satisfied \" red star with the party! Lull shares ended successfully art show

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On the afternoon of June 27, 2021, in the thousands of expectations, \"'Na' Red Star followed the party, the Narcheng party celebration art show \" was held. The Narman uses spontaneous organizational performances, and everyone carries the best blessings and the deepest gratitude to the party in their own way, expressing the love of the motherland and the party. This show special invites Mr. Wang Mergen, deputy secretary of the Town Party Committee of the new field.

Chairman travels to the country

In the opening speech, the chairman of the tourists first reviewed the hundred-year wind and rain that China walked, and the emotions told the Great Chinese Communist Party under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. Since 1949, the establishment of New China has made the Chinese people really stood up, and the reform and opening up of 40 years ago makes the Chinese people to wealth. In the past few years, the Chinese nation has ended the history of humiliation, and the road to prosperity is strong. Today, the people of the country are up and down. Under the leadership of the party, we will struggle to achieve the great revival of China's land. He believes that Nar people can gather together to hold a 100th anniversary of the establishment of the party and have extraordinary meaning.

At the same time, he also reviewed the results from the 2020 epidemic from the 2020 epidemic to this day. In this year, the Narman has struggled with the spirit of hard work, but not only the first time, but the R project successfully landed, and successfully spent the crisis caused by the epidemic, and took the initiative to donate 200,000 yuan of epidemic prevention Fund, donate to overseas friends, etc., etc. Since this year, we will consolidate enterprise operations through measures such as the efficiency, adjustment product structure, and improve organizational efficiency.


The chairman of the pair of parsley proposed that in full harvest, it is also constantly reflecting, continuously improving the execution capabilities, actively finding problems, solving problems, inheriting corporate mission and responsibility, innovation and crisis awareness, do not let go of any learning Chance.

Finally, he put forward the expectations, I hope to get development in the enterprise, and create another grade, it can convey the warmth of life and work to every employee, create a responsible and active business.

Finally, he used three sentences to share with all Narley -

Excellent people are not necessarily being born, but they must be dead!

I want to go, no matter how late!

If you want to do, no matter how hard it is lacking!

This performance, divided into three chapters, \"There is no new China without the Communist Party \", \"In the field of hope, \", \"walk into the new era\", brief but comprehensive introduction from the party's establishment Go to the new look of today's motherland.

Exciting program

The gratefulness in everyone's heart is singing in the functions of the functional department \"no Communist Party without a new China\".

Changes in the past 100 years, the stage of the stage drama is displayed through the marketing center.

The humorous cross talk \"Hello, the party\" introduced the party's 100 years, and brought hundreds of years.

The party branch is really singing \"singing the motherland\". In the blessing, the Narmire sent a birthday cake. The deputy secretary of the new field town party committee also gave a speech, and the chairman and the chairman handed hands to cut the cake. Birthday song!

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Mr. Wang Mergen, deputy secretary of the party committee of the new field town

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The hope of the fields came in the clear children of the Nash, and they took a bright red scarf from the ancestors, they symbolized the new hopes and the future. The Percatives team reappeared the Spring Festival Evening classic small products \"pepper\", \"Hundred Years praise songs\" with superb actives, \"Hundred Years praise songs\" with simple plots, the people of the party's love, Nar traditional classic program \"three sentences and a half\" simple fun, combined with actual The laughter brings all the audience.

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In the song of \"walking into the new era\", the third chapter, the Narman carries the dance, \"dance skew\" open the climax, \"the night\" of the \"Military Port\" is deep, \"so solving the case\" is full of wit and vitality, \"Chinese\" is a gimmick, \"Usuri Ship Song\" sings the audience.

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Honor commendation

Due to the epidemic, I have not been able to commend this year, and I will carry out this literary performance. The Narves who have made special contributions to the team in 2020 have given a high degree. At the same time, a large number of exquisite prizes, also sent to the Narm people in bed. The laughter is filled in everyone's mouth and celebrates this great festival.

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Annual honor awards ↑

32 37

33 35

36 31

34 38

Naren's annual lottery ↑

The party building literary performance is full of Narren's style, intelligence and wisdom, fully demonstrating the spiritual style of Narren's high-spirited, and striving for everyone, so that everyone is close to the heart and heart, also Sing a grateful grateful to the party. In the future, Nar people will also build a responsible enterprise with a responsible in the leadership of the party, build a better Narda home!

- END -


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