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Sales is the bridge between the company, customers and the market

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-03-19      Origin: Site

On March 19, 2018, we had the honor to invite Mr. Li Dagang, the independant director of the company, to give a lively practical training course on marketing and business management for all sales personnel and management cadres of NAR. 

Mr. Li Dagang has successively served as the global vice president and general manager of Greater China, vice president of Avery's Asia Pacific headquarters (Hong Kong) and vice president and general manager of SIAI (China) packaging materials Co., Ltd.

In this training and sharing, Mr. Li, with his rich experience and management experience, tells us about the role that sales personnel should play between the company and customers, and teaches practical tools and methods.

Sales is a bridge between the company, customers and the market. In addition to learning to use tools and methods correctly to collect information, classify, count and analyze the information systematically, the sales staff should also know the quality department, product using department and product user of the customer, and on this basis, they should output the product using methods, bring interactive value to the customer and generate interactive contact. 

To be a sale that can bring "value" to customers. Business people need to have the ability to "solve most basic use problems for customers on site". Technical personnel regularly summarize, analyze and train customer complaints, so as to improve the ability of sales personnel to solve problems, so as to improve the convenience of customer product use. At the same time, the sales personnel should also constantly improve themselves. As a customer's boss, they are willing to have a long talk with you. The sales personnel of the customer are willing to communicate with you. The purchasing and production personnel of the customer are willing to consult you.

Fully and correctly understand the company's sales policy, and fully implement it in the communication with customers. The quality of the salesperson represents the quality of the company, and the quality of the salesperson represents the quality of the company. The communication with customers needs to be meticulous and flexible, but the position must be firm, and the implementation must be confident, because the company's sales policy must be to achieve win-win with customers and the market. 

Continuously improve customer satisfaction and product management. Product management is a long-term and repeat work, which should be summarized and updated regularly. Simplifying the standard product categories can make the company better serve the real customers, and also help to discover the needs of products and the development of new products, so as to improve the company's efficiency.

Chairman You Aiguo and independent director Li Dagang 

During the meeting, his colleagues actively participated in the interaction and put forward various of problems encountered during work. Mr. Li Dagang answered them one by one and gave suggestions. At last, Chairman You Aiguo expressed sincere thanks to Mr. Li Dagang for his selfless sharing on behalf of all his colleagues, and asked all departments to resume their work in combination with the training content, analyze, discover and solve problems in combination with data, so as to realize improvement to themselves.

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