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Safety production, alarm bell ringing for a long – emergency response plan scenario of "9.25 safety warning day" completed successfully

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On September 25, 2018, on the first day of the Mid Autumn Festival, NAR industial Co., Ltd. held the emergency plan scenario of "9.25 safety warning day".


The scnario was led and organized by ESS group (environment, safety, 6S group) and linked with Nantong Baina, and all projects were carried out simultaneously. All employees of the production and operation center participated in the scenario. Through emergency evacuation, drill, training and other ways, they can enhance their safety awareness and emergency handling ability, strengthen their self rescue and emergency rescue skills in response to various of disasters and accidents, and improve their quick response ability, emergency rescue ability and cooperative combat ability.


Early on the morning of 25th, the drill began with emergency evacuation. NAR Co., Ltd. simulated the fire rescue caused by the leakage of heat-transfer oil, and Nantong Baina simulated the emergency response to the leakage of hazardous chemicals, so as to improve the emergency response ability of employees.

Emergency evacuation and comprehensive emergency drill of NAR ↑

Nantong banner emergency response drill for safe evacuation and simulated leakage of hazardous chemicals ↑

In order to make employees use fire-fighting equipment better and effectively improve the proficiency of equipment use. In the afternoon, the fire equipment drill of NAR . began, and Nantong Baina carried out the emergency drill of boiler explosion.

 Fire fighting equipment drill of NAR ↑

Emergency drill for explosion of Nantong Baina boiler ↑

After the drill, ESS team specially invited special fire training lecturers to train on fire safety laws and regulations. Emphasize the importance of fire safety to all participants. Safety in production is the first priority at any time.

"Fire safety management and emergency rescue" training of NAR and Nantong Baina ↑

The life and property safety maintenance of the company and its employees is one of the important concepts that the whole NAR team has always adhered to. The whole emergency plan drill, from theory to practice, conveyed the important consciousness of "safety production, alarm bell ringing" to all employees. 

Fire safety is everyone's responsibility, and it will be engraved on everyone's mind.

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