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Safety and fire protection, keep in mind

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At 7:30 am on September 25, 2023, NAR Shanghai and Nantong simultaneously held the sixth "September 25 Safety Warning Day" fire safety drill.

This drill focuses on on-site handling of fire accidents caused by thermal oil and chemical leaks, aiming to enhance the emergency response ability of employees. Five members of the Xinchang Town Fire Brigade commanded and guided on-site.

1-1 1-2

After the alarm sounded, the leaders of each group quickly responded and organized production employees to perform their respective duties and participate in on-site drills. Under the instructions of the firefighters, the employees systematically carried out evacuation, transported "injured people", dealt with leaks, and extinguished the fire source. With good execution and a high sense of responsibility, they successfully completed this fire drill. Among them, the old employees in the adhesive workshop of the Shanghai NAR factory are proficient in using various emergency equipment, quickly extinguishing fires, demonstrating excellent emergency response capabilities, and driving new employees to quickly grasp the knowledge and methods of fire safety. Employees of Nantong Baina Factory also conducted orderly fire drills under the leadership of the safety and environmental department manager Xiong Hele, simulating various potential safety emergencies.

2-1 2-2

Nantong Factory Fire Drill↑

After the assembly was completed, Director Ma of the Xinchang Town Fire Brigade praised the serious attitude and excellent performance of the employees of NAR. At the same time, he emphasized that fire safety should not be relaxed at all times. He hoped that everyone could master fire safety knowledge and emergency capabilities, be brave in the face of danger, and protect personal and collective life and property safety through correct methods. Assistant President Du Penglin and Executive Headquarters Manager Li Weidong also commented on the event.

3-1 3-2

3-3 3-4

Shanghai factory fire drill↑

Fire safety drills are the annual routine training activities of NAR, and are also an important means to improve the safety awareness and fire emergency response capabilities of every employee. Each and every one of us should not only learn to handle fire incidents, but also promptly identify hidden dangers in our daily work, eliminate hazards, and take preventive measures. May the alarm bell continue to ring in the hearts of NAR, making safety the main theme of NAR's production and development.

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