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Reward spectacular Sacred Mountains, proposed win-win cooperation! Lull shares first \"Heiner will \" successfully held

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On May 27, 202, the first \"Haina\" in Taian's first \"Hain\" in Taian, with the \"Habito\" and the \"Harmony\" with the wise, and the good person. \" Established. This platform will become the gathering of the elite in the industry to create kinetic energy for the discovery of more future possibilities. This time, the 24 Chuba members and the Narsen were gathered at the foot of Tiantianshan, and they celebrated the success of the first Haina.


Haina is officially established

At the beginning of the conference, Dr. Shen Shan, Vice President of Nar Stock, Detailed the original intention of the \"Haina\", and founded \"Haina\" in detail to the member of the creation. While emphasizing the importance of Haina as a manufacturer's communication platform, it is more detailed in more detail the standard and membership charter of the Send Member.


Narre Deputy Vice President Shen Sifeng speech ↑

Subsequently, in the warm applause, the Chairman of Nardon visited the country to a member certificate to 24 Chublers members. At the same time, he is in the theme of \"future development direction and layout \", starting from the development process since Narre, more detailed, in detail, and in-depth elaboration of the company \"one wings The development strategy of the double-wheel drive \"shows the development blueprint of Nar Shares, and sharing the three elements of business operations in a changing era.

Members of Members Sharing

In the member sharing, Liu Lichun, general manager of Shandong Chuncheng Culture Media Co., Ltd., as a representative of the Chuba Member, first shared \"The Road of Chun Cheng Chang,\" Telling Shandong Juncheng, which was established in 2000, is from husband and wife 2 people The small shop has developed a full-capacity company that has more than 300 employees, integrating wholesale, retail, and processing. Over the years, Shandong Spring has always maintained \"Chasing Mountain Worker \", and take every step in the foot. After cooperation with Nar Stock, it has ushered in a rapid development. Entrepreneurship is not easy, all the achievements have not known, efforts and sweat.


Shandong Chuncheng Culture Media Co., Ltd. Liu Lichun speech ↑

Subsequently, another founding member, General Manager of Beijing Junna New Material Technology Co., Ltd., shared the development history of 纳 and the various problems facing the development stage, and how to successfully transform the problem while solving the problem. Today, Beijing is located in the \"high-end digital printing material service provider \", in the depth cooperation of Nar Shares, successful service providers from materials to inkjet ink.


Li Guang, general manager of Beijing Yinhang New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Finally, Yang Jiantang, president of Nardo, further expounded the original intention and significance of establishing the sea of ​​sea, and made a detailed description of the industry's changes, market dilemma, and the response strategy of Narr stock. In the industry and economic environment, Haina will shoulder the responsibility of the Dianar decision-making and core partners in-depth linkage, and marks the Narr Shares and core dealers to break together, strengthen the core competitiveness, and develop new development. The determination of the layout.


Yang Jiantang, executive president of Nar Stock.

Membership brainstorm

After entering the brainstorming, the warm atmosphere is full of conference rooms. Members of the CMB have expressed their views on existing situations and their ideas for future development. The content of the communication includes all aspects of current product quality, product packaging, sales strategy, industry brand competition, brand operation planning and positioning. Members will speak freely, update more ideas in communication.


Subsequently, under the chamber of We Lingli, the Director of Sales Director of Nar Stock Marketing Center, the Chairman of Narria, visited the country to issue a member certificate to the members.



Top Tam

On the second day of the meeting, Member of the Naren and Haina Association was visited. In the beautiful Taishan scenery, everyone encourages each other, be energetic, accompanied by sweat and smile, together with the top of the Taishan, and the unique view of the Wuyue's Supreme. The bridge of the friendship between Nares and members is also more solid in this step in common climbing.


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Two-day gathering flashed, but Nar and the bridge of friendship of all partners were more robust. Haina will be a platform for the communication between Naar's decision-making and core dealers. It is a platform for communication and cooperation and will regularly organize membership activities per year. Nal will take all members of the Haina to jointly undertake more responsibility for the development of the industry and develop a broader future!

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