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Re-exhibition! Ying Fei Laisi brand (INFLEX) Promotion Nanjing Railway Station a complete success!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-06      Origin: Site

Qin Huai Jiali, Jinling Emperor. On the afternoon of July 3, 2021, the high-end brand of Narda, INFLEX and Nanjing exclusive agent Nanjing Gallery, in Nanjing, held the British Less brand promotion meeting. The meeting invited a total of more than 30 inkjet production companies, and the British Maya team members and partners, Nanjing advertisers gathered together, and the scene was full of active atmosphere, attracted a large number of viewers.


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The meeting first introduced the Overview of the Narfland for the guests, sharing the development history of the British Brand and the achievements. Then, I introduced you to the British Branding Brand, as the high-end brand of Narr, and the Successful case of the English-Leles won the warm applause. In addition, with the excellent performance of the production process of digital inkjet material production and product application performance, the comprehensive strength of English-Leles is increased.


Inflex brand head of Wuzhen conducts brand introduction ↑


Wang Yifeng, general manager of Nardo Technology R & D Center, shares ↑

British Less has developed from high quality products and services to have won the trust of our customers. When the General Manager of Nanjing City, General Manager Li Zonghao said with the cooperation with British, showed great trust in Narburn and the British Leles brand, and the confidence of promoting high-end brands!


Nanjing Gallery General Manager Li Zonghao shares the brand cooperation experience ↑

Subsequently, the British Lez Business Manager Zhang Xian announced the policy to push the meeting to the climax. This promotion will be pushed by the explosion products: biennial gray glue body stickers (IV2516), black glue mobile car status (IV2416), full compatibility one year removable thickening single lottery (NO1688T), on-site sales total More than 2,200 volumes.


Business Manager Zhang Xian announced the policy of this event ↑

During the meeting, Nanjing Keyang Digital offers an Epson inkjet, and prints the ultra-high color color color and print stability of British Flying. Finally, Wang Liang, General Manager of Nanjing Keyang Digital, explained the performance of Epson S80680 Ten Color, and expounded the positive impact of the inkjet material on the effect of the inkjet.


Kewang Digital General Manager Wang Liang explained the performance of the machine ↑

This promotion will achieve a complete success! Since the establishment of the English-Leles brand, the market positioning and future development direction of \"high-end adhesive materials \" has always adhered to the market positioning and future development direction, deep excavation of various projects such as subway, body advertisements, providing users from all over the world to provide high quality manufacturing product. In the future, British Leles will continue to work hard to create high-end brands, making high-end products more diverse, on the world stage, strive to make China to make more lightweight.

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