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Re-exhibition! Inflex Promotions Jinan Station a complete success!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-29      Origin: Site

泺 水 发 源 天下 无, flatly pouring out white jade pot. On the afternoon of March 28, 2021, Narda's high-end brand English-Lez (INFLEX) team joined Jinan City, the exclusive agent Jinan Jingjing, held the British Lez brand promotion meeting in Quancheng Jinan, and participated in this Jinan Advertising exhibition. This promotion will invited more than 40 inkjet production companies and advertising materials, and a feast of Jinan advertisers, and the exhibition has attracted many viewers and popular.


The meeting was first introduced by the Inflex team to introduce the British Brand story, development history and excellent application cases to the guests, fully demonstrating the Blendles of Inflex. In addition, the evaluation of digital inkjet material production technology and routine application performance is demonstrated to show the comprehensive strength of English-Leles.


British Leece team, Liu Haixia, Brand introduction


Professor Wang Yifeng, General Manager of Nardo Technology R & D Center Sharing

At the same time, the meeting specially invited the general manager of Nanjing Gun Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Zonghao shared the brand cooperation experience. As a distributor with the world-renowned brand with many years of experience, Nanjing Gallery and Yingfeice also have a long-term cooperation. He not only highly recognizes the Inflex brand, but also optimistic about the prospect of cooperation.


Nanjing Gallery General Manager Li Zonghao shares the experience of brand cooperation

As one of the special guests, Jinan Sanyi Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Wu's sales manager explains the latest Wu Zi machine 1642WR performance, and the positive impact of good materials on the effect of the inkjet.

During the meeting, Jinan Sanyi provided a martial arts selection machine and showed the oversized color color color and print stability of the British Flying Broken material.


Jinan Sanyi Sales Manager Wu's influence of product quality on the inkjet

Believe the power of the brand, the general manager of Shen Fengqiang, the general manager of Jinan City, expressed the great trust of the company and the confidence of promoting high-end brands!


Finally, the British Feles team announced that the sales policy of this promotion will push the conference to the climax. British Lez uses excellent brands and product quality, and has obtained the consistent recognition of the guests. On-site selling products for biennium gray glue mobile car stickers IV2516 total volume.

At the same time, British Lez first appeared in the Jinan Advertising Show, with high-quality products and sincere service, attracted a large number of viewers, and became the star of the show.


Whether lasting Chongqing, Shanghai promotion meeting, or this Jinan promotion meeting, British Less has gain a huge success. It is high-end adhesive brand, precise positioning high-end market, deep digging project demand, and steady. Whether domestic or abroad, they are well received by customers. This year, the British Lease will also go to Nanjing, Chengdu and other places, let more users know, even love it. In the future, British will continue to advance, enrich high-end product portfolios on the high-end brand development route, and strive to make China to develop China's stage.


Please continue to pay attention to English, it is worth the best expectations!

- END-


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