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Pudong International Chamber of Commerce visited NAR

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-03-09      Origin: Site

Recently, NAR accepted a delegation from the Shanghai Pudong International Chamber of Commerce to carry out exchanges and discussions with member enterprises. The event was led by Qiu Xiangrong, Vice President of the Pudong Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Zhang Bin, President of the Pudong International Chamber of Commerce, Wang Lixin, President of the Pudong Foreign Trade Association, and Lin Shuya, Secretary-General of the Pudong International Chamber of Commerce. A total of more than 40 enterprise representatives participated in the event, involving industries from manufacturing to financial investment.


NAR is the first stop of Shanghai Pudong International Chamber of Commerce in 2023. Yang Jiantang, Executive President of NAR, accepted the visiting enterprise representatives.

This exchange first led the visiting enterprise representatives to visit the exhibition hall, and introduced the development process, current and future development fields of NAR in the precision coating industry. Later, the team went to the flagship store of NAR PREMIUM to visit and more intuitively understand the product of vehicle paint protective film.


During the exchange, Yang Jiantang, the executive president, as the keynote speaker, shared the entrepreneurial process and insights of NAR's team in the past 20 years. His speech was simple and sincere, and he recalled the experiences in NAR, and shared the experience of solving problems. The 20-year struggle has also won the resonance of the representatives of enterprises on the spot. He said that "down-to-earth" is an essential factor for NAR's team to reach today, and it is NAR's mission to be a "nimble century enterprise with genuine product and win-win partnership". In the current global environment, only by taking the initiative, pioneering and innovating, giving full play to their own initiative, opening up new business areas in an orderly manner, and injecting new vitality into the development of enterprises, can enterprises and teams achieve more long-term development.


The 20 years of development of NAR are the 20 years of its own growth, as well as the 20 years of its deep cultivation in foreign trade. In the past 20 years, NAR people, no matter what setbacks and challenges they have experienced, have never forgotten their original intentions, forged ahead, gradually grown into one of the leading enterprises in the industry, and began to develop in the direction of diversification. NAR has set up five major production and manufacturing bases in China and Thailand, and its products are exported to more than 90 countries and regions around the world, becoming "Made in China" products with high recognition in overseas markets.

This exchange activity is the recognition of NAR by the International Chamber of Commerce, and it is also an opportunity to learn from each other and collide with many business representatives. We look forward to more opportunities for learning and exchange in the future, and work with many partners to seek new development, new cooperation, mutual benefit and common struggle for a better future!

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