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Production still going on during the Spring Festival

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Going home for the new year is the keen desire of everyone who travels outside. However, in order to serve customers better and deliver products to customers in time, many NAR workers stayed in their posts during this Spring Festival. They are staff from Shanghai NAR and Nantong Baina, with a total of 184 people, 12 of whom went to Nantong from Shanghai for production support.

These NARs give up the opportunities to return home for reunion. Their "no return" protects the health of their families, protects the development of the company, and greatly improves the delivery time for customers.


Thoughtful preparation: Delivery Center

Before the arrival of the new year, in order to prepare for the Spring Festival production, under the leadership of Tao Fusheng, vice president of the delivery center, we prepared enough raw materials for the 10 day spring festival production cycle. A large number of raw materials are continuously stored in the warehouse before the festival, laying the foundation for the normal production of the Spring Festival.

At the same time, the inflow of a large number of raw materials brings great pressure to the normal operation of the warehouse. The delivery center finds enough storage space in the limited space through fine adjustment. It not only avoids enough space in warehouse, but also improves the storage efficiency.

Production: gum & slitting workshop 

The Spring Festival production,in gum and slitting workshop, a total of 80 people stayed there. As an important backbone of the production of the two workshops, these two teams are the largest number of people in total, to ensure the normal operation of the two workshops.

Gum workship team 


Sitting workshop team


Calendering & coating workshop

The colleagues in the calendering and coating workshop are still struggling in the new year's night. As the producers of film and release paper, their work is indispensable. They are conscientious and without complaints. The film and release paper of high quality are made by their hands.

Calendering workshop team


coating workshop 


Struggling production: melt blown fabric workshop 

As a new member, the melt blown fabric workshop, in order to ensure the quality of production and delivery, they also chose to give up rest and stay on duty. I believe that after the festival, more products will be delivered to customers.

Meltblown fabric team


Strong backing: Quality Control & Technology & Logistics & Planning

In addition to the people who struggled in the front-line production posts, there are many colleagues who contributed silently in their own posts. They come from planning, technology, quality control, logistics and other departments. It is precisely because of their meticulous work, unreserved efforts and “strict and meticulous" work style that the quality of products can be ensured and the products can be delivered to customers in time.

Quality control & Technology & Logistics & planning team


And the management team that led them, they stayed in the front line with the team. They were busy working in various workshops and posts, selflessly paying for the maintenance of normal production and the goal of "high quality and lean" during the festival.


In order to serve customers more effectively, produce more high-quality products, and deliver the products to customers as soon as possible, NAR people gave up the opportunity to return home during the Spring Festival holiday and stick to the work site. Thank you all. Your efforts are the most stable rock and the strongest pillar.



Do not say that this spring will not come back, and the next spring will be more beautiful. After the Spring Festival, more high-quality products will be delivered to customers. I sincerely wish you all the best in the New Year!

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