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Persistence under high temperature -- Salute to the NAR people who work on their posts

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-13      Origin: Site

This year, the hot weather continued. In the face of hot weather, many NAR people are not afraid of "baking" and always stick to their posts. They sweat and interpret their indomitable spirit with faith.

Struggle • stick to the post

Summer is the test of safety production; Sweat is the badge of front-line employees. The completion of a large number of production tasks requires every front-line employee to invest without hesitation and to have the courage to stick to the high temperature.

Every post has a sweaty face. Although the working environment temperature is extremely high, every employee still meticulously implements the production standards. We will practice our commitment of "no trivial matter in product quality" with practical actions.

Sun Weihua and Jiang Lingxia from the quality control department of Nantong factory sampled raw materials under the outdoor high temperature. Even though they were sweating under the scorching sun, they still carried out sampling and testing strictly according to the proportion and always stuck to their posts.


Wu Guofu, from the self adhesive workshop of Nantong factory, held the hot steering wheel in the hot sun and transported the roll by roll of self adhesive jumbo roll to the slitting workshop.


Gu Weihua, the leader of the release paper workshop of Nantong factory, is skillfully packing and producing jumbo rolls. Even if the air conditioner is equipped, the work clothes still get wet with sweat in extremely hot weather. Nevertheless, he still did his work well.


Zhang Changchang, the master of the self adhesive workshop of Shanghai factory, and Chen Yong, the feeding post, also stick to their posts under high temperature. No matter what the weather is, they work with a rigorous attitude to effectively complete the transportation of paper, film and glue and the quality supervision in the self adhesive process.


Care • heatstroke prevention

The continuous high temperature in recent days has opened the "barbecue" mode this summer. In order to ensure the health and safe production of employees, Shanghai and Nantong factories have prepared sufficient heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies, tried every means to bring "cool" to the employees working on the front line, and made caring for employees a top priority.

In addition to continuously publicizing the precautions for heatstroke prevention and cooling, and timely arranging summer supplies, cold drinks, watermelons, salt and soda water, and other heatstroke prevention and cooling materials, Nantong factory has also installed temperature isolation panel rooms and air conditioners for all production workshops to ensure that employees can "safely spend the summer and have a cool summer". The Shanghai factory is equipped with a cold drink machine. There are various flavors of drinks, such as sour plum soup, rock sugar Sydney, lemon tea, orange juice and so on.


In addition to the conventional heatstroke prevention and cooling measures, in order to cope with the continuous high temperature, Nantong factory will arrange bean soup, ice and other materials for employees every day, arrange special personnel to send them to the front-line posts, and equip them with cool oil and other items for emergencies. At the same time, in addition to providing delicious food and a comfortable dining environment, the staff canteen also specially makes potash to help employees recover their physical fitness.


In the midsummer, it is hard to bear the heat, but there are a group of NAR people who are not afraid of getting soaked in sweat. They show their commitment to their posts by their practical actions, complete production tasks with quality and quantity, and show the will and perseverance of "artisans".

I salute all those who persist in fighting on the front line under the scorching sun, and thank you for your selfless dedication and efforts in the hot summer!



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