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Opening ceremony for NAR and Changshu science and technology production education and research base

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-05-17      Origin: Site

On May 15, 2018, Shanghai NAR industrial Co., Ltd. and Changshu Institute of Technology Co., Ltd. opened the production university research cooperation base. The unveiling ceremony was attended by Zuo Xiaobing, President of Changshu science and engineering, Liu Wanhui, vice president, Wang Yufeng, Professor, You Aiguo, chairman of NAR industrial  Co., Ltd., Ma Jiji, President, Qian Xiabin, director of operation center, and heads of technology and quality control departments.

Before the ceremony, President Ma Jiji led Changshu science and technology group to visit NAR space, factory park and technology R & D center. Chairman You Aiguo first gave a welcome speech to the guests, saying that innovation is NAR's gene. As early as 2008, Shanghai NAR has been rated as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. In the future, NAR is determined to build a century old store and become a more environmentally friendly and socially responsible company. In addition to insisting on innovation in digital printing material industry, NAR is also committed to innovation and breakthrough in the field of new polymer materials such as electronics, new energy, functional film, etc., which requires in-depth cooperation with professional talents and academic research teams. Changshu University of science and technology is the palace of training professional practical talents. The establishment of the production, learning and research base can not only transform knowledge into practice, form commercial value, but also provide a stage for the knowledge students of colleges and universities to experience, so that they can grow from college students to high-quality, high skilled social talents.

President Zuo of Changshu science and technology also gave a speech on this cooperation. NAR has a very perfect software and hardware strength in technology research and development, and is looking forward to organizing the team to solve technical problems and develop special materials as soon as possible, so as to move forward to the higher end of the industry. At the same time, NAR is a thoughtful and ambitious company, and NAR's production, learning and research base will certainly be strong, and become a high-quality base of Changshu science and Technology Co., Ltd. The college will give priority to recommending the best students to come to the base. If they can grow into the backbone of NAR, it is also the pride of the college. 

Finally, the two parties signed a cooperation agreement and unveiled the production university research base, officially established a cooperative relationship, and opened a chapter of mutual cooperation and mutual benefit. 

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