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Nar hydrogen, struggle together

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About Nar Hydrogen

Narrid Shanghai Nar Energy Hydro Electric Co., Ltd., led by Dr. Hu Liqing, Dr. Hu Liqing, a pioneer technology, and the main business is the research and development, production of core parts of membrane electrodes, proton exchange membranes. And market promotion.

Now I am very recruiting the elite of the post. You are welcome to join:


Recruitment number:Five

Job Responsibilities:

• Comprehensive responsible for the company's core product planning work, collaborative related parallel departments, assess market and technical trends, combined with market potential demand planning products;

• Develop product improvement plans to promote technology innovation of company products according to the product improvement plan

• Research market dynamics and competitive development, participating in product related research and user research, and provides direction for product improvements.

job requirements:

• Bachelor degree or above;

• More than 5 years of product development related work experience, motor industry, new energy industry background priority;

• Familiar with product development processes, have in-depth understanding and understanding of the automotive industry and fuel cell industry policy;

• Have market-sensitivity, strong planning capabilities and market analytics.

★ Product Design Engineer

Recruitment number:10

Job Responsibilities:

• Complete design drawings and technical documents according to different customer needs of fuel cell membrane electrodes;

• Specific guidance, coordinate the problem of technical issues in workshop production, ensuring normal production of production;

• Responsible for the design, production process, manual and related technical documentation, archiving, distribution, etc.

job requirements:

• Bachelor degree or above;

• 3 years of product design work experience, familiar with mechanical engineering design, familiar with CAD drawing design, will be 3D design priority;

• Familiar with the production and processing flow of membrane electrode products, there is a selection, bonding, rubber seal, precision perfusion, and related molds, and related molds;

• Have strong thinking, good dedication and team spirit.

Market expansion manager

Recruitment number:Five

Job Responsibilities:

• According to the company's products and strategies, industry analysis, collect market demand information, pay attention to and combine industry information;

• Responsible for the development of potential customers, key customer resource acquisition, etc., in-depth understanding of customer needs, maintain customer relationships, establish a smooth communication channel, and formulate marketing planning for target customers;

• Responsible for participating in organizational business development, business cooperation, technical negotiations, commercial bidding business, contract signed;

• Responsible for customer orders management and product delivery follow-up.

job requirements:

• Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, public relations;

• More than 3 years of product marketing experience, understand the basic information of new energy vehicles, fuel cell industry;

• Strong market analysis and market insights, in-depth understanding of the development and change trends of fuel cell industry, and accurately grasp marketing channels, output marketing solutions;

• Familiar with the market situation of the fuel cell, master the fuel cell industry customer or channel resource is preferred.

Quality control supervisor

Recruitment number:3

Job Responsibilities:

• Responsible for the quality management, abnormal disposal and data finishing of the original material, the final product, and ensure the normal operation of production;

• Responsible for solving product quality problems and reduce abnormalities;

• Responsible for the development and maintenance of raw materials, final product quality control documents;

• Surveillance quality indicators, and make improvements.

job requirements:

• Bachelor degree or above, major in machinery, electronic engineering;

• More than 5 years of manufacturing quality management experience, with quality cost control capabilities, master relevant quality management tools;

• Strong organizational communication and coordination skills and project driving force;

• Familiar with new energy vehicles, fuel cells and other related industries.

Product test engineer

Recruitment number:3

Job Responsibilities:

• Fuel cell membrane electrode test bench operation and maintenance;

• Film electrode product base test data finishing and analysis, archiving, etc.

job requirements:

• College degree or above;

• 1 year of fuel cell related product test work experience;

• Familiar with common test software;

• Strong hands-on operation capability can use the related detection device correctly.

Contact information

Contact:Zhou Manager

contact number:021-31278370

Resume delivery

company address:No. 19, Xinyi Road, Xinfu Industrial Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai


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