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Nar hydrogen sail

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Low-key cross-boundary hydrogen energy high layout film electrode

Nar hydrogen sail

Narrian Holding Subsidiard Shanghai Nar Energy Hydro Electric Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang Science City, 2021. In carbon peaks, carbon neutralization, this low-key has a strong contrast with high-profile and high-profile layout of many listed companies. But behind the low-key is a high-level layout: the focus film electrode market realizes a single point break, cross-regional expansion plan, highlighting the market ambition, and the upstream extension is unlimited.

The company mainly engages the core components of fuel cell system such as high performance fuel cell membrane electrodes. The start of the international advanced CCM production line is planned to plan to become the largest film electrode development and manufacture of membrane electrodes in China.

The company's technology is self-controlled by the core technology of China's fuel cell industrialization - Huiqing, the material formulation, production process. Under Dr. Hu Liqing's 20-year industry experience, the company's products will have significant advantages in the unit area of ​​the company's products, catalyst platinum load, and service life, etc.


China Fuel Battery Industrialization Pioneer - Dr. Hu Liqing

The company's chief scientist, the technical director Hariqing, the School of Shanghai Institute of Organic Institute of China, after the United States Clemson University, the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the current Standing Committee of the 13th Shanghai CPPCC, Zeng Duo Domestic fuel cell and liquid flow battery standardization Deputy Director of the Committee of the Committee, Deputy Director of the Energy and Environment Research and Development of Shanghai Academy of Sciences, deputy director of the Special Engine Branch of China's Internal Burning Engine Society. Many times have received Shanghai \"Science and Technology Elite \", Shanghai \"Excellent Discipline Leaders \", Shanghai \"Leader Talent \", National Excellent Science and Technology Worker and other honorary titles, enjoy special allowances for the State Council.


Dr. Hu Liqing served as the head of Ballard, Canada and the famous university, famous university, Shanghai Shenli Technology Co., Ltd. Specializing in the research, production and industrialization of fuel cell products, focusing on the innovation and breakthrough research of proton exchange membrane fuel cell engine technology in new energy vehicles, the key raw material proton exchange membrane of the technology The milestone has been made, filling the domestic gap. Since then, we will serve as the country \"955\" to \"12th Five-Year\" 863 National Major Special Plan \"Fuel Battery Engine and Electric Vehicle \" The Group Leader, and a number of Shanghai major scientific and technological research projects People, in February 2001, I received a national key scientific and technological research plan for the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Science and Technology.


Dr. Hu Li has successfully developed six series of fuel cell products such as cars, passenger cars, forklift engines, power stations, and tour vehicles. In 2008, the Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Shanghai World Expo hydrogen fuel cell demonstration operation vehicle provides core products. Dr. Hu Liqing has received 304 authorized patents, and has published more than 40 academic papers in the international top publications, responsible for drafting the country and industry standards, of which \"Fuel battery car engine national standard \" has promised execution.


Hydrogen can be one of the most developed energy in the future. Director of the China Hydrogen Energy Alliance Strategy Committee, Minister of Science and Technology, Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xu Guanhua, pointed out: \"Hydrogen can be estimated to account for approximately 10% in the future, and hydrogen energy has become an important part of my country's energy strategy, will drive formation 10 Trill-level emerging industry \". At present, the domestic hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry chain is still in its infancy. With the introduction of the top design of the country and the promotion of hydrogen fuel cell industry planning, related technologies is expected to get breakthroughs, and the scale application will also bring costs, speeding hydrogen energy Commercial application process.

The hydrogen fuel cell vehicle has the characteristics of fast hydrogen, high energy density, strong zero pollution, environmental adaptability, and fuel cell vehicles are very suitable cleaning vehicle solutions for commercial vehicles, especially heavy cards. Based on the calculation, the fuel cell vehicle in commercial field will be flat with lithium batteries in 2024, which will become the lowest operating cost. The lowest power system solution.


Dr. Hu Liqing, fuel cell car

Innovative industries, innovation,

Speed ​​has become the first competitiveness of the company

my country's \"carbon peak, carbon neutrality\" strategy makes it a first driving force for the development of this round of hydrogen energy industry, and it will greatly promote the application and development of hydrogen energy technology, and the threshold of fuel cell core parts technology. High, high growth, profitability, and competitive barriers. Relying on the strong financial support and Huri Qing Dr. Hu Liqing, Nar Hydroelectric will be based on Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Hebei, Henan, Hubei and other fuel cell car demonstration application city group close-fitting layout At the same time, in Jiangxi, Jiangsu and other places to expand production scale, set the day, the land, people, and the cardine electrode track, fast growing into a third party head provider of membrane electrode tracks.

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In the future, as the hydrogen energy industry chain is mature, Nar hydrogen will continue to integrate the upper and downstream industrial chain, layout proton exchange membrane, platinum catalyst, bipolar plate and other electric piles, core parts and hydrogen, hydrogen storage, addition Hydrogen, etc., open the fuel cell industry chain. Through the full stack of industrial layout, systemized operation, enterprises create a core supplier of key components of the global fuel cell industry, making greater contributions to the country's \"carbon peak, carbon and \" strategy.

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