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Nar Shares The 4th 12.12 purchase festival, a complete success

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On the morning of December 12, 2021, Nar Share's 4.12 purchase festival ended successfully. This purchase festival is in theme of \"new trends, new ideas, new cooperation \", using online form, attracting nearly 600 elite admission to watch. The live room is high, and partners from the country have also sent blessings and express their confidence and expectations for new year cooperation.

WeChat picture _20211217085139WeChat picture _20211217085147WeChat picture _20211217085155WeChat picture _20211217085205

The above ranking is not divided. Unfortunately, it is unable to show all partners, thank you all partners who sent blessings!

The meeting made a speech by the Chairman of Nar Shares, and he first expressed his regret because of the epidemic, failed to meet with you. Subsequently, the Narsen's efforts have been made in response to the changes in the changes in the event, such as the opening of digital transformation, leaving production, and establishing the sea. He firmly believes that the effort will certainly smell the breath of spring, more convinced, and join hands with partners to open up a better future.

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Chairman of Nar Shares

Subsequently, Yang Jiantang, executive president of Nar, with the subject of this event, and expounds the development strategy of Narr stock, and empower future cooperation and development. After reviewing the dramatic changes in the domestic and foreign environment, he said that changes are endless, in the face of difficult to predict, should use their own supermnation to confront external uncertainty. As one of the leading companies in the industry, Nar Shares will continue to reduce service costs, improve product and brand comprehensive strength, and jointly improve profitability and create value.

WeChat picture _20211217085616Yang Jiantang, executive president of Nar Stock.

At the same time, the event also issued four major awards for this year's outstanding partners. They are \"The annual leadership dealer \", \"year new award \", \"annual agreement completed excellent customer \", \"year Key Products Development Award \".

WeChat picture _20211217085728Chairman Tour Ai Country Awards Annual Leading Dealer ↑

WeChat picture _20211217085834

WeChat picture _20211217085840Joint Foundation Wang Shusheng & President Ma Ji issued an annual agreement completed excellent customer ↑

WeChat picture _20211217090445

Vice President Tao Fuheng promulgated the annual key product development award ↑

WeChat picture _20211217090529

Vice President Visiting Aijun promulgated year new award ↑

In order to thank the partners for the support of Nar Shares, Narves prepared a rich prize to give partners, after three rounds of lottery, sent 15 gifts, and finally, the vice president Shen Weifeng took the annual award, The gift of this gift pushed the live room atmosphere to the climax.

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WeChat picture _20211217090653

At the same time, this year's twelve activities have also been a huge success. From the executive president Yang Jiantang announced the information, as of the 12th night, the activity goal has been successfully reached.

At the end of the event, the Nar Executive Team took all Narnes to their partners thanked the New Year's blessings. It is expected that all partners will usher in next year, and we are more likely to work with partners, work together, to more users, and develop a larger market, ushered in a better future!

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- END -

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