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Nar Share's first internal training lecturer is hired

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-11      Origin: Site

Recently, the first batch of inside demonstrators in Narfold was held. 7 galles from different departments, hired into the first batch of internal training lecturers of Narr. The ceremony was hosted by the company President Ma Ji and issued a book.


The first appointment lecturer is from, the product department, the technical department, the production and operation center, the product management department, the marketing center, and they have grown together with Narr Shares. After years of accumulation and tempering, they have become the backbone of all departments. The elite in the team team. They are the leaders in the team, will also rely with their own experience and knowledge, providing Narers with all-round training from the production to marketing.

The establishment of the internal training lecturer team is an indispensable force in the continued development of the company, and it can also help employees improve work skills, improve work performance, effectively inherit the relevant technology and corporate culture, and achieve knowledge sharing. I hope to build and improve the Nar Training system by establishing an internal trainer team, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises!

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